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Popular Twitch streamer Trainwreck is over $100000 in losses despite winning the jackpot worth $400000 in an online lottery.

On 15th April, he was enjoying a normal session of “Just Chatting” while casually spinning the wheel in Book of Shadows. His initial tries went to naught as he couldn’t seem to fill all five lanes, though lady luck would soon be with him. Probably the outcome of waking on the right side of the bed, it took him a couple more spins only to hit the jackpot, getting similar signs across all five lanes.

One can probably understand why he screamed his heart out after hitting the jackpot. It took him some time to get over it before stating “Hitting all five stacked symbols and in the same one getting a retrigger, that’s like the best of the best,” “It doesn’t get better than that.”.

Gambling and lottery can be rewarding and fun as long as one goes about it in a responsible manner. Winning and losing is a part of every game and the same goes for gambling and lottery, overdoing on losses often leads to great financial trouble.

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