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Ludwig taunts Hax over deleted Leffen video


Following the deletion of Leffen video, Ludwig has publicly taunted Smash Melee pro Hax$; calling him out for “rewriting history” as in altering the facts.

A few days ago, prominent Smash Melee pro Hax dropped a 136 pages long PDF file calling Leffen out for forming a “totalitarian regime” within the community. The file was accompanied by a 2.5-hour-long video, which as of now has been taken down from YouTube.

Leffen quickly turned down all allegations and announced that he will be taking legal action against the accusations surfaced by Hax before Hax was finally banned from Beyond the Summit’s Smash Summit 11 event. Following the ban, Hax’s attempted to publish a new video where according to him, the facts were presented in a well-organized manner.

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As soon as Hax announced the 2nd video on Twitter, Ludwig came calling him out for “rewriting history”. “Saw you deleted the old video,” he said. “Seems you’ve joined the press in rewriting history… shame” he added.

Despite Hax claiming that the latest video will have the facts presented in a better way, it wasn’t enough to convince Ludwig from thinking that information was twisted in favor of Hax$ thus the tweet about “shame” and joining “the press in rewriting history”.

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