Dr Disrespect banned from COD Warzone World Series over Twitch ties – Report

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Dr Disrespect may have hit the ground running on YouTube but his bad blood with Twitch is coming to haunt him as he soon may find himself out of the Warzone World Series.

Dr Disrespect’s feud with Twitch is widely regarded as one of Twitch’s greatest controversies and the true reason behind his ban remains one of the internet’s best kept secrets. His ban came as a major shock given the fact that he was one of Twitch’s best streamers. Following the ban, Doc found a new home in YouTube after some time away and manage to keep himself in the streaming industry.

Doc is one of Warzone’s biggest advocates and rarely streams anything else these days, which makes him one of the game’s most well-known faces. His popularity in the Warzone community earned him a slot at the Warzone World Series but by the looks of things he won’t make it there.

His ties with Twitch prevent him from appearing in any content on the Amazon-owned streaming platform nor he can appear on any streams which makes it impossible for him to participate as Twitch Rivals have partnered with WSOW and the rulebook allows players to stream the games exclusively on nowhere but Twitch.

Given how the rulebook is structured, there is no apparent way Dr Disrespect will be able to make his way in the tournament, and it will be a cold day in hell before Twitch bends a knee and allow him for the event. The loss is a big one for WSOW and Doc, given his enormous fanbase would benefit him as well as the tournament organizers.

Source: Dexerto

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