100 Thieves Noahj456

Popular Youtuber and 100 Thieves’ content creator, Noahj456, yesterday (1st May) made a surprise announcement of leaving YouTube for an indefinite time via a farewell video titled “The End.”

Noahj456 had recently hit a major milestone in his career with his YouTube channel finally hitting 5 million+ subscribers. NoahJ has been on the platform for years and has steadily built his fanbase with extensive videos covering mostly everything about the Call of Duty franchise and other games such as Among Us and Resident Evil 8 as of late.

In his latest video titled “The End,” NoahJ is holding up a card with an “I love you” message. The video features a compilation of the best moments from his channels and a message from him for his fans — “I will be leaving after this video. I don’t know when I’ll be back. Don’t be sad because it’s over. You never know what the future holds.”

Yesterday, before uploading the farewell video, NoahJ tweeted out about his channel reaching 5 million subscribers and called a special moment. He promised to upload his best video to commemorate this accomplishment before leaving for a while.

I cannot believe how many amazing people sent love my way today. 5 million subscribers is pretty special, not many reach it and I’m honored so many of you enjoyed my content. The best video I will ever upload on YouTube goes up tomorrow, then I will be leaving for a while.

The response so far has been very good among his fans, and everyone is wishing him good luck and to take as much time off as he wants. The 100 Thieves’ organization also tweeted out congratulating NoahJ for reaching the 5 million subscriber mark and commended him for fostering a positive gaming community. 

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