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Top Counter Strike 2 Music Kits

The Counter Strike Global Offensive became the first game in the franchise to introduce music kits. Their latest iteration, Counter-Strike 2 is not any different. If you are searching for some of the best music kits available in the game, then you have come to the right place. Here is a list of some iconic music kits in Counter-Strike 2: (This list is not ranked in any way; it simply mentions some of the most iconic music kits)

Gunman Taco Truck | Dren

Screenshot from csgoskins

This music kit is very well known for its whimsical music style. Particularly the MVP anthem is considered to be very hilarious when you have dominated your opponents. When compared to other music kits, this one can be a pricy one.

u mad! | bbno$

Screenshot from csgoskins

This is a music kit from the Hip-Hop genre made by the bbno$. If you have ever listened to the song, you will know why this song fits in perfectly in Counter Strike 2. The MVP anthem teases your opponents by asking ‘why u mad’ after you have dominated the round.

Flashbang Dance | The Vekkars and n0thing

Screenshot from csgoskins

This one coming from the house of EDM, imprints its hook onto the memories of players. If you hear the MVP anthem, nothing will stop you from bumping your head to the beats this music kit offers.

Disgusting | Beartooth

Screenshot from csgoskins

If you are a fan of Rock Bands, then you have to go for this music kit by Beartooth. Be it in the Main Menu or Team Selection, this music is set to give you goosebumps with its strong beats.

EZ4ENCE | The Vekkars

Screenshot from csgoskins

This music kit is considered to be one of the best and most widely used music kits in Counter Strike’s history. This music kit was made as a tribute to the ENCE team and their journey towards a Major title in 2019. It featured a very catchy MVP anthem that quickly found its place in every listener’s mind.

There you have it, hurry up and get those music kits for yourself so you can lose yourself in the symphony of music while earning those MVPs.

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