Riot’s Attempt to Expand Valorant to Other Platforms


Since its launch in 2020, several gamers shifted from CSGO to Valorant for numerous reasons. Some were optimistic about the sophisticated anti-cheat, while some were excited about the variations it offered in a competitive environment. Be that as it may, the players on the other platforms such as Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, didn’t receive anything as Valorant is only available on Windows platform for now.

There were several ups and downs throughout Valoran’t journey of more than two years. Riot introduced new maps and agents, nerfed and buffed several agents, and also fixed a huge number of bugs and glitches. As a result, the game is now more stable than it was two years ago. Apart from that, Valoran’t esports scene has also thrived year on year.

Riot’s strategy to expand Valorant

For now, only PC players can play Valorant unlike its competitor CSGO which is available on multiple platforms. To give intense competition, Riot should think about expanding the free to play tactical shooter to several other platforms. It will help to grow the player base as well as popularity of the game which would definitely be in Riot’s favor.

Previously, Valorant’s executive producer Anna Donlon confirmed that their team was working on beta version for console release but it won’t get released until it becomes close to perfect.

Recently, in 2023 Dev Diaries, Anna Donlon said, “We’re continuing our work on Valorant to new platforms. It’s going slower than we’d hoped, probably slower than you’d hoped, but we want to get it right.

Recently, Valorant collaborated with Microsoft through the Xbox Game Pass. PlayStation and Xbox players are eagerly waiting for the game to get released on those platforms. Even though, nothing is confirmed yet, we can say that Valorant’s expansion on other platforms is definitely on the roadmap of Riot. However, it will take time maybe years.

Apart from Microsoft Windows, on which platform do you want to play Valorant? Let us know in the comment section below.

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