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Living The Esports Dream: Where To Start?

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If gaming is your thing and you’re seriously thinking about taking it to the next level, now might just be the perfect time to do so.

With the global revenue from e-sport looking to increase by a staggering 40% over the next four years to $3.5 billion, and online viewers breaking the half a billion mark for the first time this year, no one can doubt that its popularity is definitely increasing. It has become so popular that some casino sites have it on their gaming platform.

And just like anything else in life, no matter what it is you choose to do, if you are really good at it, there will be serious money to be made. E-sport is no different and with online athletes having earned millions over the years, ensuring that your game is the best it could be is essential. It can be the difference between playing for fun and earning lucrative deals.

We’ve broken down the key attributes and skills from the best of the best and have come up with some great tips to have you well on your way to living that e-sport dream. Because who really wants a real job, anyway!

  • Commitment

Whilst many people may not see gaming as a normal career, all should agree that it takes hard work to be a success at anything these days. If it was easy, everyone would do it!

If you’re serious about taking that plunge, then go all in. Full commitment is what is required and especially in the beginning, that could be extremely hard for many. You won’t suddenly be able to quit your day job so exchanging your social life for gaming life will be your first port of call.

Work out just how much money you really need to live your day-to-day life and perhaps adjust your working hours accordingly to cut back on work to free up as much time as possible for your new career. And as most e-sports are played as part of a team, having a strong work ethic will certainly help you secure a spot.

From there it’s all about playing, for hours a day. Many pro-teams would expect players to put in a solid 6 hours of team time a day to really polish those maneuvers, with an extra solo play on top. It’s really the only way you are going to get to that level where you’ll be monetarily rewarded.

Don’t get us wrong, it will be incredibly hard to begin with. You may be playing for 8 hours a day as it is but the second it’s required of you, is also the second that pressure slowly builds. Keep at it and stay the course.

  • Pick your Game

It may not just be a matter of deciding to commit to your favorite. Yes, that would make the most sense and be easier, but life doesn’t always work out that way. You’re going to need to be able to create a nice niche for yourself to really get noticed in a sea of novices and for that, you’ll need to stand out from the crowd.

Start thinking about your weaknesses and strengths and also about whether an up-and-coming game may give you a better chance than one of the more popular. CS:GO and League of Legends have been around for so long that cracking the top will mean being better than some of the net’s best gamers. And that doesn’t sound too easy.

On the other side of the coin, lesser-known games or ones that are new on the scene can grant you the opportunity to really advance the meta and stamp your mark. As one of the original pro’s for a game, your advancement will come thick and fast but you’ll also be gambling on the game really taking off. Or your hard work will be for nothing.

Our advice: take a bite of both apples, to begin with. The tried and tested games have a solid viewership, with great support and infrastructure in place to help guide new players. The up-and-coming games may be a little more volatile but will allow your unique playing style to shine. Once you work out which you enjoy best, focus solely on that.

  • Find Your Strengths and Play to Them

To really make it big, you’ll need to be part of a team and that means adding your own unique skills to that of a party. It’s pointless having a team of leaders with no one to lead to work out which type of player you are and really focus on that.

Every teammate will have their weaknesses and strengths and it’s that old saying of there being no “I” in “team” that really does equate to success in this game. Teams will know what kind of player they’re looking for and being the best at what you are will maximize your chances of being invited to that team.

Also, think about not just fine-tuning your strengths, which is critical, but narrowing out your weaknesses too. You need to ensure that although you may be a great communicator who can really see the direction a game is heading, that your skills are still on par to not open your team to attack. Many teams may have all the components of their team covered perfectly and just require a solid all-rounder to add bulk to the overall game.

  • It’s a Team Game

Playing a spectacular solo game will help you get noticed by a team, but in the end, it’s always going to be teamwork that equates to success. Communication is critical to every relationship and there’s no difference here.

Work on your interpersonal skills to have your patience levels high, your problem-solving at its peak but also your tolerance for others being open. With teams a real mix of personalities, there will inevitably be arguments and disagreements from time to time, which is fine and natural. It’s how your deal with those that will see you succeed.

The second you make things personal or show any lack of respect towards your fellow teammates will lower the integrity of the entire team and there’s just no place for it. And remember, you’re not playing for your own personal glory but for the overall glory of your team, which can often mean some personal sacrifice; suck it up and move on.

  • Love It or Leave It

Finally, if you don’t completely love this new career, think about sticking to your 9-5 and have gaming as your hobby. With the industry becoming more and more competitive every year, if your heart and soul isn’t truly in it, 100%, you’ll never make it to the top.

It just takes up too much of your life and will show to your watchers and teammates if it isn’t your one true passion. But if it is your jam, you’ll never have to work a day in your life!

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