EditorialsHow Technology Is Reshaping The Sports Industry

How Technology Is Reshaping The Sports Industry


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Sports has always been a phenomenon that has moved people passionately over the years. No matter where you are and what you are doing, sports can entice people and bring them together. But in the current era, with the help of technologies, sports’ effect has become everlasting.

Technology already plays a huge role in almost all the sectors that one can think of. With the help of technology, industries are evolving to a stage where nothing is impossible, and every act is pulled to its efficient extent. It has the same effect on the sports industry. No matter which game you think of — cricket, hockey, and even football, entertainment platforms like Lottoland Asia have been positively touched by technologies. Therefore, today, we will look at how technology has been doing what it is doing and how. Let us get started!

Replaying technologies 

Replaying actions done in games is a common thing. We all have seen instant replays of the highlights of the game immediately after it was done. You would think, what is the big deal about them? Instant replays are essential for making precise judgments of the game and counts for win or loss. Back in the days, instant replays were not well executed because of the lack of technologies. Therefore, what could have been a foul was dismissed, and what could have been fair was declared foul. 

However, such mistakes will not be repeated because of what technology has done with instant replays. Now, every movement can be caught in its precision and recorded immediately. Not only that, but instant replays of today’s time will also help in viewing the action in slow motion or from various angles to make the proper judgment. Now, if that isn’t fair, we don’t know what it is! 

Analytical and tracking technologies 

A player has their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their gameplay. Keeping a record of that is quite an essential task in every sport. However, when manually done, it can be spotty and incorrect. But, technology has a solution for that. It has produced software that can measure and keep track of elements that would be impossible to hold manually.

From the stats of players to everything happening on the field or in the game, this software can measure and record everything. It is, obviously, an excellent deal for hard-core fans to be updated about their favorite players and their gameplay characteristics. But, this is especially beneficial for coaching purposes. Knowing where a player stands, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to deal with them provide a vast scope for the players to improve and play better. 

Rehabilitation and health care technologies 

Injuries are inevitable during gameplay, and players are at constant risk of being hurt. It is especially true for field games like cricket, basketball, and so on. No one can avoid or prevent that. But what one can do is be ready with first-aids, and recovery means to help the players heal and be better. Technology once again has extended its hands in aid here.

There has been extraordinary advancement in rehabilitation and health care technologies for sports over the past years. Be it instant first-aids or sensor-enhanced equipment to detect injuries’ level and extent; technologies have some fantastic tools to take care of the players’ health. 

Purchasing tickets  

When talking of sports, it would be illegal to leave the fans out of the discussion. Technology has not done so and has considered quite many advantages for the fans to enjoy their game to the fullest. One of them would be the availability of tickets online. Getting to watch your favorite team play live is no less than a dream come true. However, availing yourself of a pair of tickets could be a real hassle.

Having online sites and ticket purchasing portals has almost nullified the trouble of standing in staggering long queues. Now fans can immediately purchase their favorite game tickets from the comfort of their home or office. Also, features like registrations and alerts for sale have made it possible for fans to be ready for the sale beforehand.  

Enjoying in high definition

Lastly, even if you cannot go to the actual live game, you can always watch the game from your home. But, you can do so in high definition. Some fans argue that watching from home can be better than watching live because you do not just get to see the game in ultra-high definition but can also see all the stats, replays, and so much more. Whichever you may choose, technology helps you get the best of them all.

In conclusion

Technology has helped the sports industry become better from every aspect. It continues to grow and change the games for the best. The effects are not just limited to the fans, but the players and the way of the game. Therefore, all sports enthusiasts can only thank the evolving technologies for making their favorite sports even more exciting and unforgettable than ever before.

Ngugen Tshoma
Business & Mobile Gaming news reporter for the Asia Pacific at TalkEsport.com.

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