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Valve Announces End of Dota Pro Circuit

In a surprising move, Valve has decided to discontinue the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) after six years of its inception. This decision marks a significant shift in the competitive landscape of Dota 2, with 2023 being the final year for the Regional Leagues.

The Rise and Fall of DPC

The DPC was introduced with the aim to provide clarity regarding the invitation criteria for The International. While it succeeded in its primary goal, it came with unforeseen consequences. Valve’s recent statement highlighted that the DPC’s stringent rules and regulations made competitive Dota less thrilling and diverse. The once vibrant and varied world of competitive Dota was reduced to a “sterile, near-monoculture.”

Impact on Tournament Organizers

The dominance of DPC as the primary official league meant that other tournaments took a backseat. This led to reduced innovation from tournament organizers, who were more focused on adhering to Valve’s guidelines rather than enhancing the viewer experience. The vibrant competitive scene, which once boasted of diverse events ranging from casual house parties to major championships, was overshadowed by the DPC’s monolithic presence.

A Glimpse of Hope for Grassroots Events?

With the end of the DPC, there’s potential for the resurgence of grassroots events. Before the DPC era, tournaments like The Summit were fan favorites, offering a blend of casual and competitive experiences. However, the future remains uncertain. David “LD” Gorman, co-founder of Beyond the Summit, expressed mixed feelings, suggesting that the scene could either witness a grassroots renaissance or be dominated by major investment entities.

What’s Next for Dota 2 Tournaments?

While the DPC chapter closes, other tournaments are gearing up to fill the void. ESL has confirmed the continuation of the ESL Pro Tour, which includes DreamLeagues and Riyadh Masters, in 2024. Moreover, Valve has already started preparations for The International 2024, though details about the invitation process in the absence of DPC remain under wraps.

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