Best 13 Dota 2 Heroes for Beginners

We can empathize with the sense of being drowned in choices when we first started playing Dota because we were beginners at the game too. There are more than 120 heroes to choose from. You’ll simply be stumped as to where to begin

In light of this, we can empathize with the challenges that you are currently facing. If you choose difficult heroes early on and your side is outmatched by the opposition, it can be quite simple to lose interest in the game.

Heroes that are easy to play for newcomers are a godsend for the millions of gamers who are just beginning their Dota journey.

We present the Best 13 Powerful Beginner Heroes to assist you to learn the game’s basics and avoid making mistakes in your first few games. These heroes have a mechanism that is easy for newcomers to understand while also remaining relevant across all patches and metas.

1. Sven

If you are a rookie player, there is a good chance that you either do not have the ability to farm as a carry or simply do not have the necessary health to deal damage. Sven’s passive cleave and Strength hero status allow you to farm faster and have more HP.

In addition to it, though, Sven can do additional damage to his foes by using his Ultimate ability, God’s Strength, which allows him to tear through his opponents. If your team lacks an initiator, his stun can be enhanced to have him charge the enemy, making him a fantastic initiator.

2. Phantom Assasin

Phantom Assassin boasts the game’s highest DPS. If you thought you weren’t receiving enough crits, this hero might alter your mind. After obtaining your hands on a Desolator, you will be able to one-shot the vast majority of Supports if you focus solely on dealing Physical Damage.

You’re nearly invincible with a Black King Bar. However, as a novice player, the greatest challenge you can face when playing PA is her failure to maintain herself in the Early Game, in addition to her mediocre health in later levels of the game. This is especially true in the later stages of the game.

3. Axe

It would be unwise to underestimate the power that Axe possesses. The hero is easy to play and simply needs a Blink Dagger and Blademail. His main flaw is his laning stage. Even if you’re bullied out of lane, you can still farm Jungle creeps for stuff.

You won’t do well versus Ranged carriers either, but you can tank and initiate. Axe’s build restriction can make it feel repetitive and counterintuitive.

Berserker’s Call only protects you from physical harm. If you face a magic-damaging lineup, constructing a BKB may be a priority.

4. Spirit Breaker

Spirit Breaker, is one of the most enjoyable heroes on our list. You can compensate for your lack of stun, disable, or harass by ganking and exerting persistent pressure.

You are in a position to steamroll a midlaner or a carry particularly well if you can rush an Urn early and actually gain charges as a result of your global presence. This enables you to have early access to an Urn. Aside from that, though, it is extremely beneficial in lower-ranked games to have the capacity to keep the pressure up on multiple fronts.

5. Ogre Magi

It should come as no surprise that Ogre Magi is the most straightforward hero to control in the game.

His spells delay, stun, and buff teammates making his kit simple to understand. Multi-Casting spells with your Ultimate gives your abilities a pseudo-random chance to inflict bursts of damage that few carriers can match.

The inability to position oneself appropriately is going to be the most difficult challenge you confront when you first start playing Dota 2. This usually means feeding a lot to the opposition team and straining your own. On the other hand, this is not the case with Ogre Magi. 

6. Undying

Undying is one of those entertaining support heroes that can be used in a variety of different ways. . However, the hero is one of the finest lane dominators and team fighters in the game.  He has no stuns or disables, making ganks difficult. Therefore, he is nearly always utilized in the position 5 role, which emphasizes close guarding of the ball carrier above everything else.

You’ll enjoy scaling by eating the enemy’s offlane in vital periods. Tombstone’s team fight mayhem makes it lethal.

7. Jakiro

Jakiro is a top-lane control player. 

He is a viable choice in every situation given that he is consistently tanky throughout the whole game and can throw spells from a distance without worrying about being run over by the opponent carry. Playing Jakiro throughout the landing phase and Late Game is another benefit.

8. Crystal Maiden

The frost followed Rylai wherever she went, no matter where she went. Her presence caused the fields and orchards in the area to wither, and as a result, her parents had little choice but to send her to the kingdom of Icewrack, which is located in the north.

Through the use of her elemental abilities, the Crystal Maiden conjures up massive shards of ice from the heavens, which annihilate any enemies that are rash enough to stay within the Freezing Field she has created.

9. Necrophos

With his amazing sustain and Magic damage, Necrophos, the Pope of Pestilence, has plagued the Mid Lane for a long time. Necrophos’ Ultimate, Reaper’s Scythe, may kill tanky foes despite his low single-target

Aside from that, however, Ethereal Shroud can come to your rescue in a sticky situation even if you aren’t particularly skilled when it comes to location. In addition, your natural healing ability, which you gained after casting your first spell, enables you to survive even the most dangerous of predicaments.

10. Underlord

Underlord may be the dullest hero on this list. On the other hand, he is also one of the most influential. An Underlord has the potential to win the entire Offlane for himself if they use their cards correctly. Your first spell lets you flash-farm waves without being harassed in the lane.

Underlord has a natural tankiness that allows him to endure more difficult matches. However, your adaptability is undoubtedly the crowning achievement of your career. Because an Underlord may build as a Tank, semi-Support sustain, or DPS, you can build for the circumstance.

11. Bristleback

As they become smeared in sticky snot, Bristleback’s Viscous Nasal Goo slows opponents and lowers their armor. He blasts quills in all directions using his Quill Spray ability, which does greater damage if many targets are struck.

Bristleback is great for beginners who wish to stay in battles and kill lots. Because he has a substantial quantity of health, the Dota 2 hero Bristleback is known for having a high level of resilience.

12. Lich

Lich’s Frost Blast inflicts a chilling freezing wind on foes, dealing damage and reducing their movement speed. Protection against assaults is provided by the Frost Shield. Lich can captivate an enemy with Sinister Gaze to move closer and drain their mana.

A strong ultimate ability, Chain Frost causes a magical sphere to fly through enemies, doing damage each time it hits a new target and dealing more damage than before.

If you want to get the most out of Chain Frost, you should only use it against groups of foes.

13. Lion

Lion utilize his ability Earth Spike to temporarily incapacitate an opponent, and Hex to transform them into a frog. Because of how well these two abilities interact with one another, it will be impossible for enemies to evade the carry’s assaults.

Mana Drain allows Lion to steal mana from his enemies, unlike other Dota characters. Finger of Death, the ultimate power of the Lion, is an extremely hazardous talent. It inflicts a significant amount of damage and, the more you employ it, the more powerful it becomes.

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