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The “Esports News” category on TalkEsport.com features a variety of articles covering recent developments in the esports world. Some of the latest articles include updates on the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, changes in the Counter-Strike scene, and news about the Valorant Team Deathmatch Map ‘Drift’. This section provides insights into various esports events, player movements, and game updates​​.

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Valorant Switchback Bundle Revealed: Skins, Price, Release Date

With the Valorant 8.07 update ready to hit the live servers, Riot Games is also gearing up to introduce a brand-new skin bundle to...

Valorant Update v8.07 Fixes a Bunch of Clove Bugs

Riot Games has released the v8.07 update along with a bunch of bug fixes. If you have been playing with Clove regularly since its...

Valorant Players Raise Concerns About Third-Party Apps Ruining Ranked

Since the dawn of Valorant’s release, third-party apps like Tracker and Blitz have helped Valorant players assess various crucial statistics that are usually not...

New Valorant Agent Sage revealed

The latest teaser gameplay of Valorant features Sage. Let's unroll what all was there in the clip!

Valorant will ban cheaters computers from running the game

Valorant to come up with its own anti-cheat system known as VANGUARD during the launch? That is more likely to prevent all sorts of mishaps?

Opinion: Characters in VALORANT are like the ones in PALADIN? Let’s go through them

Riot's new FPS game Valorant has already created a buzz in the market, it looks similar to CS:GO, however it has a roster of different characters with unique abilities. Is it a better version of Paladins? Let's find out about the characters revealed so far and their abilities!

CSGO legend gob b considering playing for BIG as Valorant player

Riot's first FPS title which draws inspiration from games like CS:GO and Overwatch is all set for its release in 2020. As VALORANT prepares...

Valorant to not have stretched resolution

Riot Games is about to make its grand entry into the FPS genre with its new trump card VALORANT. The League of Legends developers...

VALORANT to launch with 5 free and 5 unlockable characters

Donion described the process that players will have to go through to obtain the five locked characters in an interview with IGN.

Reserve your Valorant in-game nick before it’s gone

Looking to set a desired In-game nickname for playing Valorant? Here’s something which might benefit you.

Brax joins T1 as a professional VALORANT player

T1 Signs Swag as a professional player for Valorant

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