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The “Esports News” category on TalkEsport.com features a variety of articles covering recent developments in the esports world. Some of the latest articles include updates on the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, changes in the Counter-Strike scene, and news about the Valorant Team Deathmatch Map ‘Drift’. This section provides insights into various esports events, player movements, and game updates​​.

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Valorant PBE Schedule & How to Get Early Access

Every game offers a Public Beta Environment(PBE) that lets you try out the latest content in Valorant even before it comes out for public...

When Does Valorant Episode 8 Act 2 End?

The clock is ticking down on VALORANT Episode 8 Act 2, leaving players eager to find out what awaits them in the next phase...

Valorant Switchback Bundle Revealed: Skins, Price, Release Date

With the Valorant 8.07 update ready to hit the live servers, Riot Games is also gearing up to introduce a brand-new skin bundle to...

How to bunny hop in Valorant

In a game like Valorant, bunny hops are really crucial as they help the players in faster rotations or to reposition yourself during a teamfight, so this is how you can master the technique of bunny hop.

Valorant devs edge past streamers summ1t and shroud in an exhibition match

Top streamers such as Shroud & Summit1G went against Riot developers in a competitive Valorant showmatch, and it sure did show the fans how to play the agents and the game overall.

Valorant Devs Ban Their First Cheater, Says More to Come

Head of the Valorant anti-cheat team says they're "in it" and "ready" for the fight against cheaters that has already kicked off.

Fortnite Pro Tfue Calls Out Valorant For Being ‘Slow’ And ‘Boring’, says it’s a game for “old people”

The 22 year old streamer sent out a flurry of hate directed towards the competitive shooter by Riot Games.

Riot bans a bunch of VALORANT beta account sellers and bottters

A lot of people claiming to sell Valorant’s closed beta accounts are being banned by Riot Games, gives a warning regarding buying accounts from sellers.

Dr Disrespect Misleads Viewers in Valorant Streams to Get More Views

The American streamer titles stream as "DROPS ALL DAY" in spite of not having drops enabled.

Shroud says VALORANT is easier than CSGO

Shroud says that Valorant is easier in comparison to CSGO, is it because of the mechanics and the gameplay? Let’s unwrap everything for you guys.

How to reduce lag and improve FPS in Valorant

Is it your connection that’s slowing down the progress while ranking up in Valorant or is it because of your PC specs? How can you boost your FPS in game and performance overall? Let’s carve it out for you.

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