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Sonu Banerjee

A fervent gamer and an eSports enthusiast. Loves reading, watching movies and playing games of all sorts.

Fake Streams of Arteezy, Topson and Miracle Keep Surfacing on Twitch

Twitch scam artists are impersonating professional Dota 2 players to scam viewers

Valorant drops now available for all streamers & next three regions for beta revealed

Riot announces a new beta key drop system and names the new regions to be included in the closed beta.

All callouts in VALORANT explained

We've compiled together a list of callouts to keep in mind to get a tactical edge over your opponents.

People Are Trying to Defame VALORANT Vanguard Over at Cheaters’ Forums

Valorant's developers team working on their anti-cheat seemed pretty confident on the work they've put in on Vanguard, and it was working well in...

Valorant’s Anti Cheat Found to Reduce FPS in CSGO and Other Games

Fans furious as Riot's so-called "safe" anti-cheat is found to cause performance issues across multiple games.

PaiN Gaming Disbands Their Dota 2 Roster, Infamous make changes

South American Dota is taking a big hit as paiN Gaming brings their Dota journey to a halt.

VALORANT Mobile version assets accidentally discovered by a Gamer

Redditor stumbles upon perfectly working tablet mode controls for Valorant.

Top 5 Biggest Esports Livestream Dramas of 2020: Fails, Rage and Hilarious Moments

From embarrassing misplays to drunken gunfire, streamers continue to find new and innovative ways to entertain their audience.

Polystrike Released: The Counter-Strike Experience in Dota 2

Dota 2 fan managed to combine the legendary first-person shooter with Valve's flagship MOBA.

Make Dota 2 Great Again: Here’s What Valve Can Do to Save Their Flagship MOBA

With the Dota 2 player count losing heavily to the likes of CS:GO and League of Legends, here's a list of things Valve can do to save their legendary game.

Valorant Devs Ban Their First Cheater, Says More to Come

Head of the Valorant anti-cheat team says they're "in it" and "ready" for the fight against cheaters that has already kicked off.

Fortnite Pro Tfue Calls Out Valorant For Being ‘Slow’ And ‘Boring’, says it’s a game for “old people”

The 22 year old streamer sent out a flurry of hate directed towards the competitive shooter by Riot Games.


Overwatch 2 Season 10 Patch Notes Released

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