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Valorant servers will be down today from 06.00 PDT in preparation for Fade and patch 4.08

Valorant’s most awaited Episode 4 Act 3 drops today with a brand new agent followed by the second iteration of the RGX 11Z Pro Bundle along with a Battlepass. The update introduces Fade, an initiator who is hours away from being added to the ranks of Valorant with a massive set of tricks set to be revealed.

Riot Games is scheduled to take their systems offline across all regions as the upcoming Episode 4 Act 3 patch is indeed a major update and would affect the community with at least an hour or two of downtime.

As per the Valorant Service Status page, servers will be taken down around 6:00 PDT which may hinder services as said above.

What does Episode 4 Act 3 have in store?

With Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 being just around the corner, fans of the competitive shooter throughout the world are growing excited to know more about the new Agent – ‘Fade’. The developers have already revealed that Fade is set to be “a competitor to Sova” that can potentially outshine him in some aspects.

If you’re looking to know the release date and time of the new Agent Fade, we have you covered. With the first trailer of Fade already being dropped by Riot Games, here’s everything you need to know about the release of the upcoming Valorant initiator. 

Fade will be an initiator in Valorant who’ll be able to scout out opponents, mark them with trails, and hunt them down with her Prowlers.

“Fade brings recon to a personal level, more potent in a localized area (doesn’t have mapwide potential like Sova),” Valorant dev Nicholas Smith said. “We wanted to keep the player close to the action and always in-body.”

With an press release acquired by TalkEsport, we confirmed the arrival of the long-awaited second iteration in the RGX 11Z Pro Skin Bundle.

Available at a total price of 8700 Valorant Points, the bundle will now feature a different set of weapons including the Phantom and a whole different Melee dubbed as the “firefly” themed as the Butterfly knife.

Below you can find the list of weapons and other miscellaneous items to be made available as a part of the renewed RGX 11Z Pro Skin Bundle.


  • RGX 11z Pro Firefly (Melee)
  • RGX 11z Pro Phantom
  • RGX 11z Pro Classic
  • RGX 11z Pro Operator
  • RGX 11z Pro Spectre

Bundle Collectibles:

  • RGX 11z Pro Card
  • RGX 11z Pro Spray
  • RGX 11z Buddy

The weapons would have a total of five levels alongside three levels while the Firefly melee gets a set of two levels and three variants.

According to the fact sheet shared by Riot Games with TalkEsport, you would be able to upgrade your RGX 11Z Pro skins upto five levels including custom visual effects, finisher, kill banners and a Stat-tracker which would keep a count of your total frags acquired in a match.

While the Melee at an upgrade level two will feature swipe animations with custom VFX when inspected and cyclable through three color spectrums before settling on a random color.

Both the Weapons and Melee will have three variants, Red, Blue and Yellow.

According to the official Valorant Server Status website,  the Valorant servers are scheduled to go down at the following hours:

  • Asia Pacific: 27 April 14:00 PDT
  • Brazil: 27 April 6:00 PDT
  • Europe: 26 April 20:00 PDT
  • Korea: 27 April 14:00 PDT
  • Latin America: 27 April 06:00 PDT
  • North America: 27 April 06:00 PDT
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