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Skyesports Valorant Champions Series Chennai LAN Day 2

Day 2 of Skyesports Champions Series Chennai Playoff started with a fantastic brawl between content creators. What followed was arguably the clash of Titans with Enigma Gaming taking on Velocity gaming and the newly formed Orangutan taking on Global Esports. The day saw some unexpected compositions and had the most fantastic day of valorant.

Summary of Chennai LAN day 2:

  • Match 1: Velocity Gaming 0-2 Enigma Gaming
  • Match 2: Orangutan 2-1 Global Esports
  • Match 1: Velocity Gaming 0-2 Enigma Gaming

VLT vs. Enigma was one of the most exciting matches with people waiting to watch since the commencement of the Skyesports Champions series. With Velocity riding high on a win and Enigma being the undefeated team in the group stage. 

After yesterday’s win against Revenant, Velocity Gaming again opted to play fracture as their choice, banning Split and Bind. While Enigma, with their picks, chose to play Ascent, banning Haven and Breeze, leaving Icebox as the decider.

The map started with Velocity choosing to continue with the same lineup, while Enigma chose to play Kay/O instead Sage. It never seemed any team had a complete hold on the game, with both teams exchanging one blow after another; both teams seemed to match each other’s tactics and blows. The first half split right in the middle with a 6-6 scoreline.  

The second half, though, made it seem like Enigma was in control the whole time with Velocity, although the pistols couldn’t win the following round and managed to get only two rounds losing the game 8-13.

Ascent saw Velocity’s Fade debut with hellff playing Fade; they also picked Reyna as the primary duelist with Omen as the controller and breach as the Flex. Enigma had a more conventional roster with Jett, Killjoy, Omen, Sova, and Kay/O.

The map wasn’t as back and forth as the first one still. The momentum seemed to keep changing sides, with both VLT and enigma winning 2-3 rounds together; the scoreline favored VLT with 7-5. 

Now with Enigma Gaming on defense, the antidote popped off. Despite losing 3 out of the first five rounds, Enigma broke down VLT’s attack winning the map and the game in the last round with a score of 13-11 and a clean 2-0.

Velocity Gaming would now face Full Power Gaming tomorrow with elimination on the line. At the same time, Enigma gets a day’s break and would face the winner of the second upper semi-finals. 

Match 2: Orangutan vs Global Esports. 

Orangutan being the top seed were waiting to play their first LAN match, with Global esports clean sweeping their competitor 2-0 were ready to face the #apearmy. The match was as exciting as it was hyped for. 

The map veto had orangutan banning Split and Fracture picking Breeze, while GE banned Icebox and Bind, picking Ascent. 

With Global on the first map choosing to play a composition with Reyna, Jett, Cypher, Viper and Sova Whle Orangutan went with the Double initiator Sova, Kay/O, Chamber, Jett and Viper. 

Both teams went tooth and nails in the first match, with Orangutan and GE going blow for blow, so much so that after 4-3 in favor of Global Esports, both teams started alternatively winning rounds, eventually closing the half 6-6. 

Now Global Esports on attack, despite the strong start GE only manage to win the attack rounds two more times while Orangutan managed to fend off both sites winning the map 13-10.  

On Global Esports’ map pick, Orangutan played their usual composition with Sova, Omen, Killjoy, Jett and Kay/O. But Global esports instead of Omen picked Astra with Breach, Chamber, Kay/O and Sova. 

Orangutan on defense struggled to hold on to the sites against Global’s strong attack and won only one round despite winning the opening two rounds, losing the half 3-9. On their attack, they managed to win 5 out of the first eight rounds, but it was already late; GE managed to defend the sites and win the map 13-10, forcing a third map

The decider of Haven, saw Orangutan running their usual composition of Killjoy, Sova, Omen, Jett and Breach. Global esports had a similar lineup with Raze instead of Jett and Chamber instead of Killjoy.

On defense, Orangutan started strong, winning 4 rounds out of the starting six, but could not contain Global Esports and lost 5 rounds in a row to close the half 5-7 in deficit. On attack, Orangutan managed to win the three opening rounds but lost three putting Global on 10, after this, Orangutan managed to win 5 out of the remaining 6 rounds to win the map 13-11.

With this Orangutan win the series 2-1, and would head on to face Enigma gaming in the upper finals, with the winner of the match qualifying for the APAC Challengers. ShooteR’s physical absence in Chennai did not hinder the performance of Orangutan as he made it up on server putting up amazing numbers. 

Global Esports now faces Revenant Esports in the lower bracket and need to win the game to stay in the tournament. With this, we complete another exciting day of Valorant with both games delivering and both games keeping us on the edge of our seats.

 Tomorrow would have higher stakes with all the teams playing with elimination. Both matches would be a chance for revenge for VLT and GE. All the best to the teams playing tomorrow, and I hope they put their best foot forward.

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