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Weather Woes: Wet Floors and Flooding near BGMS Season 2 Launch Week Venue

The highly anticipated BGMS Season 2 Launch Week kicked off with a bang. However, as the day concluded, Twitter was flooded with visuals showcasing the challenges posed by adverse weather conditions. The event encountered an unforeseen hurdle as the venue floor experienced moisture due to rain. This challenge extended beyond just wet floors; it was also accompanied by flooding on roads near the venue.

Adverse Weather Casts a Shadow on BGMS Season 2 Launch Week Venue

As the curtain fell on the day, Twitter users shared pictures and videos, showcasing the impact of the adverse weather. Pictures of the venue’s wet floors circulated widely, giving a glimpse of the moisture-laden conditions that participants and attendees had to navigate. The dampened floors not only posed logistical challenges but also raised legitimate worries about the safety of delicate gaming equipment and the well-being of players in these less-than-ideal conditions.

However, it wasn’t just the venue that bore the brunt of the rain. A video shared on the platform showed flooded roads near the venue. It clearly depicted the extent of the rainfall’s impact on the event’s surroundings. The flooding on nearby roads added an extra layer of difficulty for both participants and spectators, potentially impacting the overall experience of the event.

Many users on Twitter criticized organizers for poor contingency planning, whereas others extended understanding. The incident also sparked discussions about the importance of having contingency plans in place for future events to mitigate the impact of unforeseen weather conditions.

The inaugural day of BGMS Season 2 may have concluded, but the event’s journey is far from over. Twenty-three days of competition is yet to take place. It will be interesting to be see how the organizers adapt to the weather challenges and ensure that the event continues smoothly. 

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