BGMI Masters Series 2022 Week 3 Day 3: Overall Standings, Results, and more

The third day of the BGMI Masters Series 2022 week 2 qualifier matches ended with Chemin Esports finishing on the top of the leaderboards with 95 points. The team managed to get three chicken dinners out of the 6 matches played.

Team XO stands at the second spot with 90 points out of the 6 matches played followed by Orangutan at the third spot with 73 points.

The first four days in week 2 will act as the qualifier rounds for all the 24 teams. The top 16 teams in the overall standings will qualify for the weekly finals. The points earned from the weekly finals will be added to the points secured by the teams in the first week of the BGMI Masters Series 2022.

Last chance to qualify for the Grand Finals

With just one day left in the week two qualifier, the fate of all the bottom-ranked teams such as Team Soul, Rivalry Esports, Hydra Esports, and 8Bit holds on their performance on the last day.

Team X Spark definitely needs a chicken dinner match to qualify for the week 3 finals whereas squads such as Nigma Galaxy, Team Soul, and 8Bit need to score with an average of more than 12 plus points to get into the top 16 positions.

BGMI Masters Series 2022 Week 3 Qualifiers Overall Standings

  1. Chemin Esports – 95 points
  2. Team XO – 90 points
  3. Orangutan – 73 points
  4. Global Esports – 70 points
  5. OR Esports – 69 points
  6. Marcos Gaming – 64 points
  7. Team Enigma Forever – 54 points
  8. R Esports – 50 points
  9. Skylightz Gaming – 50 points
  10. Blind Esports – 48 points
  11. TSM – 41 points
  12. 7Sea Esports – 38 points
  13. Hyderabad Hydras – 37 points
  14. FS Esports – 36 points
  15. Revenant Esports – 35 points
  16. Enigma Gaming – 31 points
  17. Team X Spark – 27 points
  18. Team Godlike – 27 points
  19. Hydra Esports – 25 points
  20. Rivalry Esports – 25 points
  21. Team Insane Esports – 24 points
  22. 8Bit – 21 points
  23. Team Soul – 17 points
  24. Nigma Galaxy – 16 points

A total of 12 matches will be played in four days where each team will get the chance to compete in 8 matches. The weekly qualifiers are the most important phase in the BGMI Masters Series. As this will decide the seeding for the weekly finals. The points from week finals will be cumulated towards the BGMI Masters Series Grand Finals which are scheduled to take place from 13th July 2022.

The event is been broadcasted live on Star Sports 2 from 8 pm to 11.30 pm IST on week finals whereas qualifier matches will be telecast till 10:30 pm IST. Whereas Loco and Glance Live acquired the streaming rights of the event.