G2 Esports Returns to Valorant by Announcing New Roster

G2 Esports has announced a new North American Valorant team after months of planning its continental expansion.

The Berlin-based organization has introduced a team that will compete in the Valorant Challengers in the North American region, featuring well-known individuals from across the team.

After failing to acquire a franchise spot with Riot Games, which would have guaranteed G2 a berth in the Americas international league, the organization has decided to enter the Challengers division.

British coach Ian “Immi” Harding, a former CS:GO player who switched to Riot’s hero FPS shortly after its 2020 release, will lead G2 Valorant. 

The Valorant expansion is the continuation of the G2 U.S. story in Rocket League and Fortnite, and we can’t wait to write this new and successful chapter,” he concluded.

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