Jan 1st, 2023

Some of the best FPS games blend multiple genres. For example, Dead Effect 2 is an exciting sci-fi first-person shooter.

The Doom series is a series of very good first-person shooter games. Doom was originally released in 1993.

Another game to be mentioned is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which was introduced in 2012. CS:GO is an excellent choice for both newbies and veterans. 

The best FPS games of the year are packed with features. For example, Into the Dead 2 is a well-made title with multiple stages and locations and several different endings.

Other titles include Atomic Heart, a first-person adventure FPS from Team Ninja. The game is set in an alternate universe during high noon in the Soviet Union. Players take the role of a KGB special agent and must save the day.

There are also several titles on the PlayStation 5, including many shooters. One of them is Killzone: Mercenary. 

Contract Killer: Sniper is a great FPS game. The game is more complex than it sounds, though, and there are several unique tactics and powers. 

In addition, a good FPS game can be found on the Xbox Game Pass, which offers an extensive library of high-end shooters. 

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