Best Indian Gaming Streamers of 2022

YouTube is the major gaming streaming service in India and the fans have made their creators reach new heights with each passing year.

YouTube Gaming has grown a lot in India and this is the hard work of content creators making innovative videos and doing long live streams to increase their reach and their fans’ support. Here are top Indian YouTube Gaming streamers of 2022

CarryMinati: Carry does not need an introduction as he is the biggest gaming YouTuber in India.  This comic-cum-gamer has a humongous subscriber number of more than 11 million on his gaming channel “CarryisLive”.

MorTal: Every reader will think about Mortal if asked to name the biggest BGMI content creator.  Mortal has won two nominations in the ‘Streamer of the year’ category at Esports Awards, making him the first ever Indian national to do so.

Total Gaming: Readers familiar with Free Fire must have heard this name at least once.  Total Gaming is the biggest Free Fire streamer and content  creator in India.

Techno Gamerz: Introducing India to GTA 5 RP, Techno Gamerz has earnt a special spot on this list.  He has a subscriber base of around 30 million.

Sc0ut: This list would be incomplete without mentioning Sc0utOP.  He is one of the biggest BGMI content creators with an influential personality and insane BGMI mechanical skills.