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Game Breaking Valorant Bug Lets Omen Teleport Without Cooldown

omen valorant
omen valorant smoke bug

In under two weeks of the introduction of the highly anticipated Episode 2 of Valorant, the game has witnessed a considerable number of game-breaking bugs featuring multiple agents. While some of these bugs haven’t been able to cause much harm in competitive, some others have made players terrified to queue for ranked games before they are fixed by Riot.

The list of game-breaking bugs in Valorant was extended further when Reddit user u/LogicaLogix demonstrated a glitch that lets Omen teleport to any point in the map freely without cooldown.

As shown in the video, this glitch can be replicated by using Omen’s ultimate and cancelling the animation using an ability right as you’re about to teleport.

The Reddit user further said, “you have to pull out your knife and left click on the map at the same time, then use an ability right before you tp.”

If executed properly, this game-breaking bug can be replicated at will to teleport to different locations in the map as many times as a player wants.

Fans are looking forward to Riot Games shipping out an update to fix this bug. However, the possibility of Omen being temporarily removed from matchmaking once again is also becoming a cause of concern for a portion of the player base.

Minecraft fame Dream facing backlash for blaming his fans

Dream is facing backlash for blaming his fans over encouraging “CP” through artwork. The Minecraft star said he was not comfortable with it and his fans were acting on their own to publish such inappropriate content.

Dream’s newfound fame was off the back of Minecraft, and collaboration with the mainstream entertainment industry.

Just like Corpse Husband, he was able to roll with the big boys of YouTube without a face cam, with purely entertaining content. Given his involvement in multiple controversies previously, he wouldn’t mind getting into one more to defend himself.

His fans were certain of the fact that dream was comfortable with” CP” and made it the reason behind why they were creating inappropriate fan art with minors involved. However, Dream says otherwise and feels disgusted for the fact that minors are getting dragged into NFSW content.

He goes on and says that in none of his videos, had he ever encouraged CP nor he is fond of his stans using him to shield themselves. The Minecraft star Dream finds the backlash getting pointed in the wrong direction.


“YouTuber Dream has refused to condemn murder after one of his fans turned out to be a murderer. Will he finally be held accountable? Tune in at six to find out.” tweeed Dream rhetorically. Though his intention were pretty clear, he is tired and dissatisfied with his fans pointing their anger at the wrong direction.

There is no saying which way the drama is headed, as Dream fans are certain that the YouTuber is at fault to encourage such things later disowning his fans when they tired making artworks for him. A detailed explanation his side is needed or this drama will be dragged into something worse which wont benefit neither the community nor Dream himself.

Navi vs Vitality clocks a record breaking 500K concurrent viewership

zywoo s1mple best csgo player

During Navi’s face-off against Vitality in the Lower Bracket run of the BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020, viewership numbers shattered the charts. The third map of the Lower Bracket Finals being played between Navi and Vitality has clocked a record concurrent viewership count of 687,691, making it the most-watched online CSGO match in history.

The viewership record was also previously reigned by Navi vs Astralis squaring off at the ESL Pro League Season 12 Europe, which attracted 568,406 live viewers.

This record was broken four times during the BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020 with the other two matches having Navi involved with their fight against Team Liquid during the day-two matchup and a playoff elimination game on day five that attracted 569,159 and 592,089 viewers respectively.

Navi emerge victorious at the BLAST Premier Global Final 2020

Keeping aside the viewership the CIS team has attracted, irrespective of not being able to start the league on a good note Natus Vincere managed to clinch the BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 after defeating after clean sweeping Astralis 2-0 in the Best of Three Grand Finals. The CIS originated team will take home $600,000 as prize money.

Navi had to defeat Complexity, G2 Esports, Team Liquid, Team Vitality, and Astralis during their race to the top. Our hearts were warmed after seeing Navi’s star player S1mple shed a tear after being crowned the Blast Premier Global Final 2020 Champions. With this win, Navi has finally come forth their dry spell of not being able to bag any major tournament wins.

A Quick Look at the Best CS:GO Team of 2020

Photo via HLTV.org

Anyone who has been a fan of the digital gaming industry for an extended period of time is already aware of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive series. This multiplayer first-person shooter has gained an immense amount of fame thanks to its amazing graphics, its intricate gameplay and naturally, an unrivalled sense of real-world competition.

In terms of e-sports, CS:GO ranks as one of the best games currently on the marketplace. This is why countless professional teams have been created in order to do battle within the digital domain. Some are naturally more proficient and talented than others. While teams such as Tyloo and Astralis have certainly made headlines, many feel that the top team of 2020 is Team Vitality.

Let’s take a look at why this is the case:

Organized In-Game Performances

While fans will always debate which team is the best, it is still a fact that Vitality has led the way in terms of overall points (936 at the time that this article was written). Their closest rivals are currently Astralis and Heroic (respectively). Many feel that this ultimately boils down to nothing more than team cohesion.

The players work extremely well with one another and as we already know, such talent is extremely important within the MMORPG community. Their performances during the ESL One Cologne and the Blast Premier Spring European Final are both testaments to the fact that Vitality has not cut any corners in terms of strategy.

The Players Themselves

Anyone who regularly follows the esports betting community is already aware that a team is only as strong as its weakest link. This is the very same reason why some CS:GO clubs have faltered over the years. This is also why Vitality may very well remain at the top spot for some time. Their current roster includes:

Let’s also not fail to mention that Kevin Rabier (the newest addition) is merely 18 years old. While age may be a factor in the physical football or rugby pitch, it has little influence within the world of esports. In fact, some industry analysts believe that Rabier could be one of the most formidable rising stars in the near future. This is also why the current Vitality line-up is not expected to change any time soon.

Now, there is no doubt that CS:GO rankings are quite fluid in their nature. This is why it is likely that Vitality will be hard-pressed to maintain its number one position over time. Considering the fact that there are so many other professional teams that are vying for the top spot. Whether you are an active player, a die-hard fan, or a newbie within the world of Counter-Strike, it is a foregone conclusion that this platform will continue to provide an intense gaming experience.

Xbox Games With Gold for February 2021 Announced

After the aftermath of the Xbox Gold price increase and an instant reversal of that decision, Microsoft has finally revealed the free Xbox Games with Gold coming in February 2021. 

Like every other month, in February Xbox Gold Live and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will have access to the five games for a limited time. Typically the games offered are from older gen Xbox generation — Xbox 360 and Xbox One, playable via the Backwards Compatibility program. 

In February players will be able to claim one of Microsft’s original — Gears 5. Gears 5 is an Xbox Series X|S optimized title, meaning the game will take advantage of the power of Xbox Series X| S and enable players to experience reduced load times, support for Quick Resume, variable refresh rates, improved Real-time lighting quality, variable-rate shading, and 120 FPS in Versus. On Xbox Series X, players will also get access to the Ultra-HD pack and Ultra-Spec graphics quality settings previously only available to PC players. Xbox Series X also allows for 60 FPS in campaign cinematics, contributing to a seamless blending of gameplay and cinematics.

The list of games coming this February:

Xbox Games With Gold for February 2021:

  • Gears 5 (February 1, 2021 – February 28, 2021): Released in 2019, Gears 5 is an Xbox One original title that also launched on the PC platform. It is the sixth installment of the critically acclaimed Gears of War series and the sequel to Gears of War 4. Gears 5 was relaunched last year with special optimizations for the latest gen Xbox Series X|S consoles. 
  • Resident Evil (February 1, 2021 – February 28, 2021): First released in 1996 as a PlayStation 1 game Resident Evil, and it later came to Xbox 360 in 2005 with a remake of the original game that defined the survival-horror genre back in its time. The game was again offered on Xbox One through the backward compatibility program and will be available on Series X|S through the same backward compatibility program. 
  • Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition (February 16, 2021 – March 15, 2021): Released in 2018, Dandara is a 2D platformer game. The world of Salt hangs on the brink of collapse and players as the protagonist, Dandara has to transverse through this bizarre universe where the oppressed are on the brink of oblivion and arise as the heroine, a ray of hope awoken to reshape the world. 
  • Indiana Jones and The Emperor’s Tomb (February 1, 2021 – February 15, 2021): Based on the popular film series, Indiana Jones and The Emperor’s Tomb offers a heart-stopping new adventure to the fans. Released in 2003 on Xbox 360, the game takes place in 1930s China, where players as Indiana Jones are hired to recover one of the most powerful artifacts known to mankind before it falls into hostile hands.
  • Lost Planet 2 (February 16, 2021 – February 28, 2021): Released in 2010,  Lost Planet 2, is the 3rd entry into the 2.7 million-selling third-person action shooter game series. Over 10 years on from the events of the first game, Lost Planet 2 returns to the troubled world of E.D.N. III, with a globe-trotting story of a planet torn apart by the battle for precious thermal energy.

ESFI Ranks “Top Valorant Team” Except, It’s Not Even In The Best 5

Esports Federation of India, which places itself as one of the associative bodies of esports in India has revealed a “national ranking for esports.” The games include Call of Duty Mobile, Valorant & Garena’s Free Fire.

The ranking celebrates the winners in each title as Team Resilience, Team Adbhut & Team Checkmate, respectively. However, no form of metrics is declared in the release. The only performance indicator assessed is a few friendly games played by casual teams in the past few weeks.

The teams mentioned for Call of Duty & Free Fire are still arguable objective, but Valorant’s ranking is simply ludicrous. The players could well be among the best ones in India even though no one has ever heard about them. But a team is more than the players, it’s an organization that has a structural base, far from just being competitive players.

No pro games, atleast not significantly

Team Adbhut, who is named the best team in India for Valorant hasn’t participated in any major event. Even if they have, there were clearly no significant results that elevated them into becoming India’s top Valorant team.

ESFI’s “top-ranking” for Valorant is nothing but a conclusion derived from a panel that has limited knowledge about the professional esports spectrum in India.

The Real Top Valorant Team in India

Unquestionably, Team Mahi, which was previously known as VLT is the top Valorant team in India. The assessment is by taking into account their activities into the professional scene and results of the tournaments they have participated in with other pro teams.

Team Mahi is one of the most prestigious Valorant rosters of the country packing CS:GO veterans like Tejas “Rite2ace” Sawant, Karan “Excali” Mhaswadkar, Sabyasachi ‘Antidote’ Bose, Anuj ‘Amaterasu’ Sharma, and Sagnik ‘Hellfighter’ Roy. Since its formation, the team has been on a winning streak and has won every tournament they have participated in. Team Mahi is also the first Indian team to represent India at an International Valorant event after they qualified for the PVP Singapore for Valorant.

Others in the list of top Valorant teams in India are Global Esports, Noble Esports, Godlike & Paratroops.

India’s Valorant scheme has been shaping quite sharply since after multiple former CSGO pros made move to the Riot’s new FPS title. The gaming scene as a whole in India has surged to newer heights with the introduction of Valorant. The community in India which was mostly comprised of PUBG Mobile started to look around for different titles when the Tencent-published game was banned in India.

These teams have been squaring off against each other for months and are always able to emerge at the top of all the big leagues in India like the ESPL, Skyesports League, and TEC Valorant Challenger Series. However, none of them were featured in the national rankings released by ESFI which makes us question the intrinsicality of these ratings.

Betway Renews Sponsorship Deal with MIBR For A 4th Year

Today, global betting brand Betway and Immortals Gaming Club (“IGC”)’s Brazilian CS:GO esports brand, MIBR, has confirmed the renewal of their partnership.

Since the partnership began in 2018, Betway and MIBR have continued to deliver top tier content and unique activations for fans such as the successful ‘MIBR Stars – Brought to you by Betway’ and ‘Lobby das Estrelas’ exhibition events last year, where MIBR players and influencers battled it out on fan-favorite CS:GO maps.

Moving into 2021, the two leading brands are committed to continuing their partnership, creating more exciting content for loyal supporters, and building upon MIBR and IGC’s longest partnership to date.

Adam Savinson, Head of Esports, Betway, said, “In 2018, we had the great honor of becoming founding partners of MIBR, helping to re-launch this legendary brand. Today, we are renewing our agreement to continue our fantastic relationship, at what is a really exciting time. We’re looking forward to continuing to offer great insight and entertainment to CS:GO fans in Brazil and around the world.”

Yuri “Fly” Uchiyama, Director of MIBR said: “We are very happy to continue our partnership with Betway. As MIBR prepares yet again to play in the biggest tournaments in the world, our partnership with Betway and their continued support of the CS:GO community, particularly in Brazil, has helped us grow the largest, most passionate, and engaged fan base in the world. We look forward to working with Betway to keep building and developing new fans and future talent.”

MIBR is a leading brand in esports and with fans all over the world, especially in Brazil. MIBR was the 3rd most “Tweeted about” team globally in 2020 by Twitter Gaming Insights. This exciting announcement highlights Betway’s ever-growing commitment to esports and support for the Brazilian scene.

Has Valorant Patch 2.01 worsened the Split meta?

If you commence a game on Split as defenders and your team is thrashing the enemies, don’t worry the tables can turn easily in the second half while playing attack, as the map poses to go in the favour of defenders, due to its narrow entry points into sites which enables them to choke the attackers easily.

In order to fix this, Valorant’s latest patch 2.01 brought in some considerable changes to Split. The changes were introduced to make site execution a tad bit easier for attackers. However, it looks like Riot may have worsened things as a number of players have come up with insane line-ups and tricks that make it almost impossible to execute any site on Split.

Players come with up with insane exploits on B site

B Site on Split that has received a complete makeover as a result of which executing the site should have been much easier than before. However, high ranked players have found some insane ways to hold angles by making Sage Walls and Cypher Cages by using the newly added objects on the 2 sites.


A player whose Reddit handle goes by the name of “MrPiezo” has come up with multiple One Way and Off Angle Sage Walls. A stack of two new boxes were added between B-main and B-heaven to avoid defenders from double peeking attackers while they try to execute the site. However, Sage can jump on the boxes from B-heaven and can create a long wall below her that covers the entire view of B main from B heaven entrance that is almost impossible to tackle.


A player whose Reddit handle goes by the name of Phamwow has come up with a one-way Cypher Cage that covers the entire entrance of B main. The update added a small box in the corner of B-site from where Cypher’s Cage can be bounced off and it will land on top of B main. When activated it creates a one-way smoke and defenders can shoot at attackers without being seen.

The recent patch made numerous adjustments made to Split’s A site too, however, by god’s grace no one has come up with any exploits for the A-site as of now. Riot is recieveing severe backlash from the community for worsening the already messed up Split meta and are demanding for a patch fix immediately. Riot’s intention with the recent Split changes was to make things more balanced. However, things went the other way round.

Chinese tech giant Tencent ‘may force’ hostile takeover of an American game company


Tencent, China’s technology giant is eyeing a debt-financing from several firms, which sources say could amount to billions. The fund which Tencent is creating will be to take control of U.S. game development companies, and industry insiders suggest, it could well be a forced and hostile takeover.

Several sources including TMT Finance (via TweakTown) reveal that Tencent is gearing up to create a fund that will enable it to take control of U.S. gaming companies. The sources suggest that the company could be Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive. The other company in the news vulnerable to the hostile takeover is the sports game development company EA Sports.

The other aspect of this report focuses on a rather feasible scenario where several South Korean game development companies, where Tencent has significant holding, could be at the center of acquisition. The company in the crosshairs could well be Nexon, the developer of Dungeon Fighter. Another South Korean company in the docks is NetMarble, where Tencent already holds a roughly 17% stake.

Despite these still being rumors, the trajectory of Tencent in the past few years pushes the probability of the acquisitions towards being true. The company hasn’t yet responded to the reports though.

How Has Live Streaming & Esports Become So Popular?

Electronic sports, also known as esports, is a version of sports competition that involves the use of video games. With the advancement in technology, you can now live stream a game or tournament and watch all the action unfold live before your eyes without having to be physically present at an event.

From first-person shooters to multiplayer online battle arenas, there are many different types of games that are played competitively in tournaments all around the world.

Top tournaments have even become so popular with fans that online betting operators have introduced esports betting to their catalog of sporting events to place a bet on. Adults can place bets on their favorite players or matches for games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2.

Mixing entertainment with leisure

ESL & Universal Music entered into a joint venture, reported on November 5th, 2018. Story by MusicWeek, reported via Medium user Cheriehu42.

Imagine live streaming an esports tournament from the comfort of your chair at home where you don’t have to leave your own home. Live streaming esports is a great alternative to attending sports events where you might struggle to get good seats, deal with a crowd of wild fans, and keep straining and stretching your neck as you struggle to get the right angle to view the game. With esports, you get to enjoy the entire game without any distractions or interruptions.

Your home also provides leisure and freedom that an arena does not. What if you forgot to bring some food to the game? You would have to struggle to squeeze yourself through the multitude of people just to get some popcorn, then going through the same tedious process to get back to your seat. Live esports allows you to quickly grab some food from your fridge and kitchen and continue enjoying the game.

It’s an alternative sports activity to bet on

As esports tournaments become more and more popular, with audience numbers rising each year, it’s easy to see the advantages that it has for online iGaming operators. Just like with the popularity of big sporting events like the Premier League and the NFL, big esports events can bring in both audience numbers and betting numbers.

If fans of football, rugby, and tennis, are also fans of video games, then there are plenty of tournaments available for them to watch. Hugely popular games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 are just some big games right now with plenty of matches that online operators have esports betting available for.

Watch some professionals play the games that you own

Another benefit of watching live stream esports tournaments is that video game enthusiasts can watch how the professionals do it. In this story from casino review site ThePOGG they describe some of the most successful game franchises that have most certainly been spurred on by the esports industry.

If there is a level or goal in the game that is just too difficult, audiences can get inspiration on how to solve it. If they own games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Rainbow Six, these are actually some of the top games that were played last year and which had some of the highest total esports winnings in 2020.

At the start of the year, The Esports Observer highlighted the top twenty esports games of 2020 by total winnings, with CS:GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends making the top three.

Although total price money was a lot lower than the previous year due to the ongoing pandemic, the numbers were still eye-watering. In 2020, the total prize pool for CS:GO was $14.75m, with the Dota 2 and LoL coming in at $8.87m and $8m. Fortnite, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Rainbow 6, Overwatch, PUBG, Hearthstone, and Rocket League were the other games that made the top ten list, all making from $2.63m – $7.87m in total prize money in 2020.

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