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PUBG Mobile Latest Version Download Link: 1.4 Godzilla vs Kong update

Tencent has released the most anticipated update of PUBG Mobile global version. This new update is termed as PUBG Mobile 1.4 update and features the new ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ Mode and users can use the link given below to directly download this new update. Alongside this new mode, several other changes have been made to the game. .

PUBG Mobile releases seasonal updates with several tweaks and new content to entertain their player base with unique gameplay each season. The developers announced a unique collaboration in March where Tencent partnered with the action film Godzilla vs Kong on the occasion of the game’s third anniversary.

This collaboration promised a new in-game mode especially dedicated around the theme of the movie. This mode is termed as ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ mode and the two mighty creatures will make an appearance in the matches.

These monsters are being referred to as Titans in the new update patch notes. Players can read about the entire patch notes by clicking here. This update will have certain new features like titan crystals, apex camps and much more. Other balance changes have been mentioned in it as well.

PUBG Mobile 1.4 Godzilla vs Kong Update Download Link

Players can simply click on the link given below to download this new update. This application will work on Android devices and those who have any difficulty while accessing the game from Google Play store can use this link to download the game directly. This new update is around 1GB in size and features all the new content.

PUBG Mobile 1.4 Update APKClick Here

After downloading the game, simply go through the normal installation process and PUBG Mobile will be updated to the latest 1.4 version. Remember to enable the “Install from other sources” toggles from your phone settings to install the game smoothly.

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CSGO Trusted Mode Not Launching Error Fix

It’s been almost a year since CS:GO introduced it’s “Trusted Launch Mode” and the latter has seemed to just worsen things for the community.

Ever since the launch of the same, players were unable to launch the game in the trusted mode citing errors like,

“Some of your game files have been detected to have no signatures or invalid signatures. You will not be allowed to join VAC secure servers” or “X has game files with invalid signatures and is not allowed to join VAC secure servers” where X denotes a third party file that won’t support the trusted mode.

Applications like Discord, Spotify, StreamLabs, OBS and other software are reportedly being blocked by the Trusted mode as “Malware”, the ultimate reason behind why your game won’t start. Though the update which was shipped into the game in July, 2020 clearly stated that the trusted mode would have a full-fledged access to other software, sometimes it would just fail to point out the specific program which does spark up the conflict.

How to fix Trusted Mode Error In CSGO?

  1. Opt for a previous version of the game.
  • Launch Steam.
  • Click on Library. .
  • Right-click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  • Select Properties.
  • Click on the Betas tab.
  • Select a previous version (might be named as 1.37.x.x) and wait for the game to download those specific files.
  1. Disable third party applications before launching the game.

Before launching CS:GO, make sure to terminate other third party applications like Discord, TeakSpeak or even Spotify. Once you have launched and started your match, re-launch the applications of which you had the processes killed. This would likely fix your issue and has over a decent success rate among other players.

  1. Continue in Untrusted mode.

Once you’re prompted to either continue with the “Untrusted launch” or retarted in “Trusted mode”, press continue and go ahead in searching for a game. This would in fact sometimes disable you from finding a game on the VAC-supported servers or else it might end up costing you an amount of your trust factor.

Valve has yet to address this issue as the latter rather seems to transition into an impending form.

Team Liquid to add Nivera for Valorant


According to a report from 1pv.fr, Nabil “Nivera” Benrlitom is close to joining Team Liquid’s Valorant Division.

Earlier in March, Nivera stepped down from french side Vitality’s CS:GO roster after Valve decided to issue penalties to the teams who would substitute out players in between maps during the RMR (Regional Major Ranking) events, which would determine teams to qualify for the CSGO major.

Team Liquid recently qualified for the Stage 2 Valorant Masters event, to be held on LAN in Reykjavík, Iceland. Prior to the qualifier event of the former, the European side had parted ways with Adam “ec1s” Eccles and brought aboard Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen, who decided to quit Counter Strike following a false VAC-ban which Valve denied to revoke. After the roster change, it was eventually considered to be a dream run for Liquid as they went on to qualify for the Challengers Finals and ultimately the Masters event.

According to the report, if this deal goes through, Nivera would take up the sniping duties from Jamppi on Team Liquid. So far, nothing has been confirmed by either of the sides but if Nivera ends up joining Liquid, the latter might travel to Iceland with a six-man roster. This report might look surprising but indeed bears a plethora of probabilities, whether Jamppi might consider going back to play Counter Strike or Liquid is just following the tradition of having a six-man roster.

Coin Master free spins and coins links: 13th May 2021

Coin Master free spins and Coins links

In Coin Master, you have to build your own village just by spinning the slot machine. In addition, you have to collect coins to buy the upgrades. You can also attack other players’ villages to loot their coins like Clash of Clans.

However, after using your daily free spins, you need to buy coins with real money. If you don’t want to spend real money, keep reading this article to know how to get free coins using daily links.

Coin Master free coins and spins links

Coin Master Free spins and coins links – May 13

Coin Master Free spins and coins links – May 12

Coin Master Free spins and coins links – May 11

Coin Master Free spins and coins links – May 10

New Valorant Agent Reportedly Nicknamed ‘Grenadier’

Grenadier Valorant

It has been quite a while since Valorant had received a new agent in the game. The latest agent, Astra, was introduced to the shooter on March 2nd at the start of Episode 2 Act 2.

While the controller has managed to win the hearts of Valorant fans worldwide, many players are already looking forward to seeing the next Valorant agent that’s likely to arrive alongside Episode 3.

Luckily, dataminers have managed to dig up the codename of the upcoming Valorant agent. Twitter user ‘ValorLeaks’ has shared his findings with fans in a post.

The agent is set to be codenamed ‘Grenadier’ and while the details on the agent’s abilities haven’t been revealed by Riot as of yet, we can get somewhat of an idea on what the next agent is gonna be like.

Fans are suspecting it to be an agent similar to the likes of Raze. However, it’s unlikely that the agent will be a duelist since we’ve already received the Japanese duelist Yoru at the start of Episode 2.

The release date of this upcoming agent is still unknown, but fans can expect to see it arrive to the tactical shooter alongside Episode 3 around June 22nd.

Ninja Quits Competitive Valorant Team Time In

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has announced stepping away from his competitive Valorant team, Time In.

The 29-year-old streamer announced in a Twitch stream that he wanted to focus more on streaming and hence the decision. He further explained that he was being unable to invest the amount of time into the shooter as required to maintain his skills in the highest level of competitive play.

“I told the team that I wanted them to find a replacement for me,” Ninja said in the stream. “I feel like such a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now I can stream whenever I want, I can get off whenever, right now if I wanted to. I would have had to have gotten off twenty-six minutes ago and been ready for scrims.”

Ninja Quits Time In Valorant Roster

Previously, we have seen Ninja quitting Fortnite. While much of his current fame can be credited to his Fortnite-streaming days, the star had grown frustrated with the increasing numbers of stream snipers and decided to call it quits to the battle royale. However, he is still seen streaming Fortnite occasionally on his Twitch channel.

Ninja fans can expect to see more of his live streams over the next few days, as the star can now focus more on his Twitch channel and streaming career.

LoL Wild Rift Patch 2.2c APK + OBB Download Link

Wild Rift Patch 2.2a

Riot Games has pushed the final patch update of the ongoing League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 2.2. This mini-update is termed as patch 2.2c and the developers have tweaked few champions while introducing Renekton to the game. This will be the last update in the current patch.

Wild Rift is the portable version of League of Legends and is currently in open beta around the world. Most of the regions have access to this game but some regions like India are yet to gain official access to it.

In this new update, there are tons of champion changes as usual and some in-game features have been changed as well. Players have last chance to enjoy the new mode ARAM as it will be taken down in the next big update.

One of the main changes is made to the passive gold income in later stages of the game. This change will allow slower paced games and most importantly, players teaming up will lose on potential gold gained by wave clearing in the later stages.


Wild Rift Patch 2.3c update has been pushed globally but if you want are unable to access it via Google Play store or other means, you can directly used the links given below to download the game. The APK and OBB link have been included so simply replace the older files with newer ones to access the new content.

Make sure to enable the “Install from other sources” toggle before installing the game and clearing out the older files. Replace the OBB files to update the game and enjoy new content. If you still face any error, redownload the entire file once again.

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Evil Geniuses to coach Megan Fox and DJ Khaled in 1v1 Fortnite battle

Music producer and performer DJ Khaled is set to go head to head with actress Megan Fox in a 1v1 Fortnite battle with both celebrities set to be trained by experts from top esports organization Evil Geniuses.

Megan Fox will be trained by streamer Justin “FearItSelf” Kats and EG’s Brazilian Counter-Strike coach Wilton “Zews” Prado will coach DJ Khaled for LG OLED Ultimate Gaming Showdown. Their 1v1 will run for an hour and a half.

Megan Fox, Fortnite, DJ Khaled, LG OLED
Photo via LG

Meghan and DJ Khaled are avid gamers in their own right. Before Meghan Fox’s breakup with rapper Machine Gun Kelly, the pair enjoyed regular gaming sessions with the former often bragging about her victories on socials. MGK even bought her a console to play Mortal Kombat, “Like, destroyed him every time we fought. We did, like, 40 something matches, and I absolutely destroyed him every time.” she once said in an interview.

DJ Khaled is known to have ventured out of music to produce his own game namely “Secure the Bag”. It is a mini-game where Khaled himself travels through dimensions to defeat enemies.

The matchup will be streamed live on Evil Geniuses’ Twitch channel on May 13, 8:00 a.m. GMT+8. “This time I’m playing against DJ Khaled,” “And I’m gonna crush him.” said a confidant Megan Fox.

Mobile Legends: Fashion Expert Harith skin to be distributed for free

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players should get ready for a treat as the yearly 515 eparty event is right around the corner. The developers awards its fanbase with several free items like skins and champions which usually require a hefty amount of diamonds. Moonton has announced that this time, the Fashion Expert Harith skin will be available for free during this event.

Fashion Expert Harith’s new animated abilities

The developers posted a skin preview on their YouTube channel which shows Harith donning futuristic outfit. His skill kit has been reworked as well. It will fit his outfit and arcade style gameplay with this new skin.


How to get the skin for free during the 515 Eparty event

The Party Box event comes under the 515 eparty in MLBB. Players need to complete several tasks from 15th to 17th May to earn 515 Racecar tokens. These tokens will be used to redeem Twilight tickets. There are two kinds of twilight tickets in this event.

The normal Twilight Ticket could be obtained by completing these tasks and exchanging the 515 Racecars. When the normal twilight ticket is used for the first time, players will get a guaranteed Elite tier skin. Players can also earn more skins by making five draws at the same time.

An advanced Twilight Ticket will also be present in this event. Players who wish to spend their money can buy these tickets by using diamonds. They can use these tickets to unlock an Epic tier skin. A guaranteed skin will be awarded if five draws are made at once.


This event will be live from 11th May to 20th May and players can participate in it to get free rewards. Make sure to login to the game and complete simple tasks to earn a free skin through this event.

More details about Fashion Expert Harith are yet to be revealed but it has been mentioned that players will get it for free. There is also a possibility that this skin will be included in the main event where players will need to exchange tokens for unlocking this skin.


Valorant Minima Skin Bundle: All you need to know

valorant minima skin bundle

A new Valorant skin bundle, known as “Minima”, shall soon be revealed by Riot. Ever since the release of Valorant, and the Battle Pass, developers have set the motion to launch a plethora of new weapon skins that could either be purchased from the game store or earned by leveling up the Battle Pass.

According to the esteemed Twitter user and Data miner, ValorLeaks, the latter has provided us with yet another leak consisting of a brand new skin bundle “Minima”.

Every bundle released by Riot is unique in its own way and so is Minima. The Vanilla weapons of Valorant have been given a matte black finish, eventually which can be called an upgrade to an average-looking inventory. Priced at just 5500 Valorant Points, the Minima Skin bundle will provide you with the following weapons with the matte black finish:

Minima Phantom (1275VP)

Minima Phantom

Minima Spectre (1275VP)

Minima Spectre

Minima Sheriff (1275VP)

Minima Sheriff

Minima Operator (1275VP)

Minima Operator

Minima Ares (1275VP)

Minima Ares

Minima Skin Bundle Price and Release Date

  • Full bundle price: 5100VP
  • Release date: 12th May 2021

Image credits: aSmoogl on YouTube.

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