So the main questions which arise here, will all the existing games get ported to Source 2? Definitely Yes! Also, the chances that they release a new counter strike game for source 2 is none to zero. We can clearly see that CS: GO is still going on strong right now, and still continues to grow at a healthy rate as Valve has done a very good job at nurturing and supporting the game.

Initial FPS games such as Source and 1.6 were toe to toe, so before releasing CS GO there was a big question whether the players will be willing to try out the new game and leave the old game behind. This could have led to a fragmented fanbase in CS GO due to the players playing different games. Luckily, the big names in the FPS e-sports jumped into the game. Valve was always listening to the community and made regular changes to the game based on the feedback given by the fans and their players. CS GO definitely aged well but “why would Valve risk split the community between massively successful Global Offensive and a new one?”

As we have seen in the past, gameplay changes can be easily added to Global Offensive which has been proved time and time again with the addition of new weapons and adjustments to the existing ones. Series like Call of Duty keeps on releasing new games to make money, but Global Offensive was & is still very profitable for Valve thanks to the game’s regular content packs and weapon skins. The skins of weapons add to a huge amount of revenue made by Valves, moreover, these skins make Global Offensive stand out from other FPS games in several different ways. Thanks to item purchases and in-game tradings, players have something else to show off apart from their skills in the game. If Valves come out with a new game, all the skins and items will have to be ported over to the new one or scrapped which will destroy Global Offensive’s existing economy, so chances of this happening are pretty much zero. The reason that these skins are worth so much is that they are expected to be around for a long time, just like the collector’s items. We can all agree to the fact that these skins have greatly helped in increasing CS GO’s lifespan. Because of these reasons, we feel that Global Offensive will get ported to Source 2, for free.

Once Global Offensive gets shifted to Source 2, it is expected to have better & smoother gameplay and performance by cutting out the performance-sapping overhead that plagues existing setups. We will also see improvements in the graphics as well. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the largest esports game right now. Let’s hope that when the game gets shifted to the Source 2 engine, it will retain its original gameplay and mechanics alongside improving the graphics and frame-rate. Do share your thoughts about the changes that can come once the game goes live on the Source 2 engine by commenting down below!