In an informal conversation with SlingShot, TaZ, the Polish god of Counter Strike clearly muscled his vision on the future of the game and himself being a professional even when he is 40.

VP recently beat fnatic 2-0 to win ELEAGUE Season 1 which was their recent major win considering the teams present at ELEAGUE.

I want to destroy my opponents. I want to show the kids that even when I’m 40 I will get to the server and destroy everyone.


TaZ also shared his experience about how it feels when you’ve to travel all day long to participate in events, “Our team is the biggest guys, traveling in economy class for 10 hours for at least three of us is extremely hard.” he said. Adding, “Many of us have girlfriends, wives. Pasha has a kid. This is something we are also missing when we are at events.”.

Life has surely not been easy for these professionals who are in the scene from over a decade. They are often seen sharing the disadvantages of being a professional and having to travel all around the world back-and-forth. You can read the entire interview on SlinghShot eSports.