In a recent update dated 05/27/2020, the developers added a feature to let “users change their main menu background scenery”. This feature included background from various maps – Anubis, Blacksite, Chlorine, Cobblestone, Nuke, Phoenix Facility and Vertigo. This update was welcomed by the community with open arms.

CS:GO - My Main Menu Background - YouTube

The Counter-Strike community has always been quick to modify or alter certain features of the game. Be it the player models, game text, mini-map, maps, gun skin, gun sounds and what not. The community has always been at the forefront of such maneuvers. And this update wasn’t spared either. The community was quick to customize the main menu background following the update.

How to customize main menu background:

Before altering the main menu background, it is essential to learn how to convert a media file to WebM (.webm) format. WebM is an audio-visual file format and your media file must be converted to this format prior to the alteration of the background. Several WebM convertors are available a click away on the internet. Now make 2 more (3 in total) copies of that .webm file.

  • Open Steam and go to the Library. Right click on CS:GO. Select Properties and click on the Local Files tab. Click on ‘Browse Local Files’ and then go to Counter-Strike Global Offensive > csgo > panorama > videos.
  • As a precautionary measure, take a backup of all the existing files in this folder. 
  • For instance, I’m replacing the Cobblestone files with my custom media file. Begin with deleting the cbble, cbble540p and cbble720p.
  • Now paste those initially created WebM files in this folder and rename them – cbble, cbble540p and cbble720p respectively.
  • Open CS:GO and click on Settings. Go to the video settings tab and select Cobblestone in the ‘Main Menu Background Scenery’ section.
  • Tadaa! That’s it.

You can use various media files like a random community map, animations, your favourite team or player lifting the major trophy and so on.