Do you practice Sprays and Flick Shots in CSGO a lot and still suck at CSGO? We’ve got your back. Apart from sprays and flicks, there are a lot of other things you need to know to reach The Global Elite. Here are 10 must-know things to become a pro at CSGO.

1. Bomb Planting Time

Many people don’t know how much it needs to plant the C4 and because of that they can’t plant the C4 in time and lose rounds in matchmaking. Well, the C4 takes exactly 3.2 seconds to be planted. Never plant the bomb once the timer crossed the 00:04 mark. Keep that in mind and don’t make such a mistake in your next game.

2. Avoid Pressing “W” in Corners

This is basically a movement tip. Avoid pressing “W” while taking corner-peeks. Only press “A” or “D” while peeking corners because it improves your first-bullet accuracy. With pressing both “W” & “A” or “W” & “D” your accuracy will get worse. Therefore, if you want to peek a corner and one-tap your enemy instantly, you need to remember this tip.

3. Get the Knife in your Hand to Move Faster

Always remember, you will reach your fastest speed with the knife or the C4 in your hand. Other weapons will reduce the movement speed. The speed actually depends on the weapon. From next time, don’t run with the Negev at spawn.

4. You can Buy more than 4 Grenades

Although you get 4 grenade slots, you can buy more than 4 nades. However, it is kind of map-based. Wondering how? Well, you can buy 4 nades and then use a smoke or flash lineup from near the spawn and then go to the spawn again within 15 seconds to buy the extra flash or HE grenade. Use this tip wisely in your next match.

5. You can Hold the BOT

When someone leaves in your team, you get a BOT on your side. Anyhow, the BOT starts going wherever it wants to go once the round starts. You can stop and hold the BOT at spawn. Once the round starts, ask your teammate to say “Hold this Position” from the radio message and answer with “Affirmative”. You can do the vice versa as well. These radio commands will definitely stop the BOT and it will hold somewhere near the spawn. Once someone in your team dies, he can take control of the BOT by pressing “E”. It was a simple but useful trick.

6. Don’t Buy Kevlar + Helmet in CT Side

If you watch CSGO Pro matches, you have already noticed it. It’s only CT sided tip. If your T-sided opponents are going to have a full-buy round, don’t buy Kevlar + Helmet. Why though? Kevlar + Helmet costs $1000 while only Kevlar costs $650. You just get the Helmet with the extra $350. However, it has no use while they are having 5 AK-47 because AK-47 will anyway kill you with one bullet in the head even if you have a Helmet. If your opponents are going to have an eco-round, then you can go for the Kevlar + Helmet. A great way to save money for the next round.

7. Smoke the Bomb while Planting or Defusing

It’s as simple as it seems. Whether you are on T-side or CT-side, always try to smoke the bomb. If you are on T-side and you think there might be an enemy hidden anywhere near the site, then smoke the site and start planting the bomb inside the smoke. Also, if you are on CT-side and going for a retake, you can smoke the bomb and start defusing like a ninja. This trick is good for lower rank players, although, sometimes it works on higher ranks as well. Try it out in your next match.

8. If you Peek from Right, you get the Advantage

Whenever you peek, your player model gets bigger from the left side. Therefore, if you are peeking left corners, your enemy gets an advantage to see and kill you first. Although, it’s really a tiny advantage, enemies with great reaction-time can hit you early.

9. Chickens can Reveal your Location

Yea! It’s true. If you go in front of a chicken and jump or fire or use the knife, the chicken will run from that location. Therefore, if an enemy notices that, he can easily know where you are. Chickens are kind of messy in CSGO.

10. Tip for Lurker

When you reload, you leave the magazine at that location. What else? The magazine stays for around 15 seconds. Therefore, if a lurker notices the magazine, he will know that you are not too far from the location. Hence, reload when you really need it!


Try out all these tips and tricks in your next CSGO match and play like a pro. Also, share it with your teammates and let us know which one did you like most in the comment section below.

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