NRG co-CEO Andy Miller has explained why they left the CSGO scene at a time when they were at a peak, and sold the team to Evil Geniuses.

Evil Genuises recently bought out NRG, after the team saw their best results since their inception, including a Semi Final Finish at the Berlin Major. Since the takeover, the now EG team also won ESL One New York 2019 over Astralis.

In a discussion on Reddit, Miller told that the shift in dynamic in the scene to insane player salaries meant that the model was unsustainable in the long term.

“CS sale was gut wrenching. We built that team the right way over a lot of years. Really like the guys, but the space is crazy. Totally owners fault. 100%. Salaries are dumb. Too hard to even look at it as a loss leader. We want NRG to be around for a long time and current day CS model wasn’t going to help us get there,” he said in an AMA on Tuesday.

While the organisation has no plans right now of re entering the scene, their focus will be on their CoD team, which he claims are of championship caliber, and the francise based model of Activision will suit them.