Data miners have dug gold once again, this time from the update logs of the latest patch for HAlf-Life: Alyx.

The leak points to deleted references towards the source 2 engine along with changes related to csgo and left for dead 3.

Readers might question as to why these were included in the update logs for half life: Alyx. Many have suggested the prospect of a potential spill, which is not so rare when it comes to games running on the same engine.

It seems Valve is finally waking up to the need for changes in csgo, thanks in large to the riot games FPS Valorant. Changed have been pouring in at a much faster rate in csgo ever since Valorant commenced their closed beta and this leak suggests the dream for source 2 is not farfetched.

Users are also hoping for the 128 tick server rumours to come to fruition. But, this leak gives them some assurance regarding the potential of the introduction of the source 2 engine soon.