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Purge With Silver LoL Quest Answer Revealed – November 22

Whether you’re an avid League of Legends fan regularly keeping up with the title’s esports scene or just a casual gamer who likes to have fun with friends in the game, chances are that you’ve already tuned into today’s LoLdle of the day.

For the uninitiated, LoLdle is a game that’s similar to the hit online game Wordle but with a League of Legends twist. In LoLdle quote of the day, players are given a random quote from the MOBA and they’re required to find the name of the Champion who says the quote in the game.

While it may seem easy at first, League of Legends currently has a roster of 140 Champions, which means that unless you’re a hardcore player, you may need more than a few guesses to get the correct answer.

If you’re having trouble guessing the League of Legends November 22 LoLdle quote of the day, we have you covered. Keep reading to find out the correct answer to today’s LoLdle.

LoLdle Quote of the Day November 22 Answer

The quote for today’s LoLdle is ‘Purge with silver,’ and it has been said by the League of Legends Champion Vayne.

And there you have it, the answer to the LoLdle quote of the day for November 21-22. 

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Pranav Nalawade
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