Twitch Streamers Kephrii and Gale Accused Of Teaming and Feeding in $100K CSGO Tournament

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Popular Twitch streamers Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre and Gale Adelaide have been accused of teaming up and feeding kills to each other in a recent CSGO tournament with a prize pool of a whopping $100,000.

CSGO Streamers Kephrii And Gale Caught Teaming In $100K Tournament

The two streamers were caught teaming during the Twitch ReadyUp CSGO Invitational on 30th July 2022. The allegations started surfacing against the duo on various social media platforms once they were seen performing suspicious actions during their game to give themselves an unfair advantage.

Unlike most other online CSGO tournaments, the rules of the ReadyUp CSGO Invitational which was organized by Twitch in partnership with Sony’s INZONE gaming products were a bit different.

The tournament featured a point system where players and teams could earn points through kills. For instance, killing an enemy would reward a player with one point, whereas assists made them two points. Knife kills were the most rewarding in terms of points, with each knife kill netting a play five points.

The two streamers, Kephrii and Gale, allegedly teamed up with each other and fed each other knife kills during the tournament.

However, Kephrii has denied these allegations made against him.

“I genuinely did not hear him. I haven’t played CS in about 3 years,” Kephrii said in his response. “Afterward, I begged my team to swap me to A side since he kept going B.”

Since the incident, Kephrii has been removed from the tournament. Whether or not Twitch takes further actions against the involved streamers still remains to be seen.

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