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The 10 best Minecraft sex mods for 2023

It is an inexplicable phenomenon that when something exists, pornographic content of it is bound to surface on the internet. This is particularly true for the gaming industry, thanks to the dedicated efforts of modders. Even games like Minecraft, which is a family-friendly game, is not immune to mods that deviate from the game’s original intent. With a sense of reluctance, we present ten of the most popular Minecraft sex mods.

Please note that Talkesport does not endorse or take responsibility for these mods or any potential consequences that may arise from their usage. Use them at your own risk.

FFC Texture Mod: This mod allows you to alter the textures of enemies, giving them “enhanced female features” or even a combination of male and female features.

Nude Male/Female parts models: This mod enables the removal of clothing from characters, both male and female, allowing you to modify their body parts and create unique combinations.

Models for Figura!: This mod is specifically for changing female textures, allowing you to remove clothing and view naked models.

Lewd Resource Pack: This resource pack allows you to add pictures of animated Japanese figures in lewd scenarios and alter combat noises to include sexy sounds.

MC Sex: This mod allows unique interactions with female character models in special designated houses.

Lewd-Craft: This resource pack allows you to alter enemy mobs’ appearance, with multiple customization options.

Girl Kingdom: This mod allows sexual interactions with enemy mobs, with several features for customization.

Pretty Flesh: This mod deals with a nude female model that you can interact with and extract substances from.

SchnurriTV’s Sexmod official: This mod allows you to have sexual encounters with female characters, with locations built specifically for this purpose.

Jenny Mod: This mod allows interactions with a single female character, with the ability to change her appearance and perform actions at a cost.

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