How to Fix Valorant error code VAN 68

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Following the error code 57, Valorant players face yet another challenge in Error 68. There seems to be no end to these petty problems which keep us from enjoying the game, however, like most Valorant errors, there is yet another simple fix to it. Follow to guide to know how:


Error code 68 pops up when the client faces a connectivity error. It is more annoying than most as players face this mid-game, which can be often during crucial moments. The client forces you to restart which is fixes the problem in more cases than not. If an actual connection error doesn’t exist, a simple restart will do the trick but if it doesn’t look for alternate fixes.

Server outages might spark this error so check for any unscheduled maintenance or DDOS attacks that lead to a server shutdown. Chances of both are negligible so check for routing issues for ISPs that provide varying IP addresses. Using custom DNS or a proxy is not advised. Check for any antivirus software whose firewall might block the game momentarily.

The only fix validated by Valorant players and Reddit is to restart the game client. A simple restart fixes it for most players; if the issue persists try a reboot.

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