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How To Fix Valorant 0.1 kbps Download Stuck?

Valorant Download Stuck at 0.1 KB: Some Valorant updates become stuck at 0.1KB during download, and no matter how long you leave the launcher open, the download will not continue. Check Riot Games’ Twitter or Support page to verify whether their servers are down before attempting any repairs.

For those of you whose Valorant downloads have stalled at 0.1 KB, here’s how to get them moving again.

Navigate to the official Twitter account for Riot Games Support. If there are any problems with the servers, a tweet will be sent out.

Whether you experience difficulty, you may also visit the official support website to see if any maintenance is planned.

Here’s what to do if the servers are up and you’re having trouble:

Fix 1 : Restart the Download

  • Quit the launcher.
  • Open your Task Manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE.
  • Search for Riot Vanguard and other processes starting with “Riot”.
  • Right-click on all of the Riot processes and click “End Process”.
  • Start the download again

Fix 2 : Make changes to DNS

Internet-connected devices are identified by their IP addresses. DNS servers minimize the need to learn IP addresses.

It’s possible that Valorant’s download will be stalled at 0.1 KB due to network troubles. Consider making a DNS change on your computer or router to see if that resolves the issue.

The configuration page of your router can be accessed after logging in. Keep everything else the same, but configure your primary and secondary DNS to any of the following:


If nothing else helps, try restarting your computer. Or you may contact your Internet Service Provider.

If you still need help, file a ticket to Riot Games and describe your issue in detail.

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