We’re two weeks far from the official unveiling of the reworked new cache map, but the maker FMPONE is already keeping the fans on their toes.

FMPONE who is known for his contributions and restructuring of famous CSGO maps, put up a Twitter header of an art. An art which resembles stained glass at Cafe Pripyat, a Ukranian eatery located near the Chernobyl Power Plant as first reported by Olivia R of Win.GG.

After the nuclear devastation in 1986, Pripyat became a ghost-town, abandoned in the ashes. The nuclear site might have more references in the map than one would anticipate.

The map Cache was removed from the Active Duty Pool in march, ever-since it was under reconstruction phase.

The new reworked Cache map will be revealed at ESL One New York on the 29th of September. A showmatch will be played which will allow gamers, analysts and casters to get an in-depth look of the new map.


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