YouTube introduces copyright protection feature

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Be it music videos or sports highlights, YouTube has seen plethora of copyrighted content getting blatantly stolen and it wasn’t until now that they have taken a significant step to prevent it. The copyright protection feature will make it easier for content creators to pin down any stolen content.

No doubt, YouTube is the biggest video distribution platform out there that pulls millions of users across the globe seeking content far from one another. This very reason provokes scalpers to reupload popular videos with a title that usually screams clickbait, which eventually takes a big chunk of views from the original video that often damages the reputation and financial gain for the original content creator.

While other platforms like Twitch deals with copyright issues in a strict fashion, YouTube has been lenient with it, but not anymore, now that content creators will be able to pin down reuploads will help them with quality control by preventing anyone from using their content to mislead the masses.

The feature strictly highlights the fair use law: “Fair use is a US law that allows the reuse of copyright-protected material under certain circumstances without getting permission from the copyright owner.”.

Ryan Wyatt, the gaming head at YouTube announced the update on Twitter; according to him, the feature will help “prevent unauthorized re-uploads of your content on YouTube!”, he also added that a Copyright Match Tool access will expand over time.

The tool has been restricted to partners only as of now but everyone on YouTube will soon get the feature following an influx of requests from community members tired of dealing with their content getting stolen and reuploaded.

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