xQc receives death threats following reddit Place drama

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The annual April’s fool activity from reddit, r/Place has acquired an enormous amount of attention from the community, part of which is due to big influencers like xQc actively participating in it.

For someone like xQc, its impossible to stay away from drama. With the help of his viewers, the Canadian streamer put together a woman’s butt in honor of the controversial streamer that reddit deemed to be inappropriate and replaced it with a black shade.

xQc’s legion of fans were responsible for taking up a large part of the canvas, which the community did not approve of. Many stood upto him, hoping that he would understand that it was unfair to take up such a large portion of it for his own.

Clearly, xQc wasn’t willing to let go of it, given it was pulling in an insane amount of views, but the community wasn’t much in his favor.

“I just enjoy doing it. I think it’s fun to make things kind of different. I think it’s fun. It makes everybody feel something and it made people rebuild and build s—,” xQc said.

“I thought this was just a canvas for fun on a fun website,” he added.

By the time, xQc apologized, there were plenty of death threats to his name from reddit users. He dialed down on his activities on Reddit, but death threats are still coming and will likely keep on coming as long as he is involved.

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