Valkyrae subjected to misogynistic hate over co-owner promotion

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Rachel Hofstetter aka Valkyrae has slammed down misogynistic remarks made by critics who believe being a woman played a big part in her newfound role of co-owner in 100 Thieves.

Females in esports industry or any industry for that matter, are often looked down upon. In a male dominant culture, women find their hardship and achievements underappreciated and the gaming landscape is a fitting example for it.

Rae began her journey long back and years of consistency and hard work landed her in 100 Thieves as a content creator. The past year was huge, both for her as well as the organization who decided to appreciate everything she has done by offering her a seat at the table.

These types of comments downplaying success because of who you are will continue FOREVER, no matter what. If we’re all gunna get s*** on regardless, might as well get yo bags at the same time.” said Rae to her haters.

Her being named as the co-owner didn’t sit right with many as they believed there were more deserving candidates and her gender was a big reason behind 100 Thieves making her a part owner.

Trollers/haters can call her out as much as they want but nothing can make her doubt her own success. Her hard work has been appreciated by fans which is evident from her ever growing sub count. Fans don’t call her “Queen of YouTube” for nothing.

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