VAFundedDad accused of cheating in $5000 Warzone tournament

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A lesser-known streamer who goes by the name VAFundedDad has been removed from a $5000 Call of Duty: Warzone tournament after cheating allegations were brought against him.

Warzone is no stranger to cheaters like most FPS esports these days but with COD’s BR the cheating problem has reached the point where prominent streamers are willing to part ways over it. However, the devs have taken drastic measures to counter it but can’t deal with cheaters upgrading their hacks to keep up with the game’s anti-cheat.

KARNAGE Clan, the organizer of the Warzone tournament has banned streamer ‘VAFundedDad’ after compelling evidence was found that he used cheats while he was live on Twitch.

His unusual behavior and mouse movements during the live stream got viewers skeptical. After taking a closer look, many concluded that he was indeed cheating despite trying his best to convince the audience.

Following his ban, fans were very critical of his behavior and dealt with him in the ugliest of ways. His chat was filled with abusive comments with no shred of sympathy. He’s been underground ever since with everyone waiting for his side of the story.

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