Golden Kappa was a emote sneaked into Twitch, other than being a golden colored variant of the regular Kappa which otherwise was in grayscale. In reality is addressed and covered in secret as Twitch has never actively addressed the emote. Any discussions surrounding its existence is kept within the domain of reddit by fans. There is no definite way to the Golden Kappa, but there are things that can be done to increase the odds of getting it.

That being said, Golden Kappa is something Twitch has already teased but never addressed publicly. The emote was publicized during GlitchCon, a Twitch event presumed to replace the TwitchCon that made everyone believe that the Golden Kappa will be available during special Twitch events.

How to Get a Golden Kappa on Twitch

  • Use the regular Kappa emote frequently.
  • Check back to the emote section to see whether its added as it comes without any notice/notification.

Popular Golden Kappa Myths and Hoaxes

  • Only one person holds Golden Kappa at a time for 24 hours before a different winner is picked.
  • It’s celebrates your Twitch anniversary, only appearing on the day you made your Twitch account.
  • Twitch added Golden Kappa as an April fools pun.
  • Twitch Prime increases the odds of getting it.

As of late multiple Tweets surfaced suggesting the sighting of the Golden Kappa. However, it was soon revealed that the emote was available for a limited period of time. Keeping the emote limited to a time constrain will help keep its popularity alive.