On Thursday, Twitch permanently banned Ali “Gross Gore” Larsen for “adult sexual exploitation” which the streamer believes was based on an episode he posted back in 2015 with Celestia Vega.

On 18th March, Twitch emailed Ali informing him about the ban. They didn’t provide any information about the said “violations” that lead to the ban and simply said:

After reviewing multiple incidents of serious violations of Twitch’s Terms of Service… related to your Twitch account ‘grossie_gore’, we are terminating the Agreement effective as of 3/18/2021 and indefinitely suspending your account effective immediately,

Shortly after receiving the ban, Gross_Gore tweeted out a message and video reacting to the ban. Ali called the ban a “mistake” and asked his fans to retweet his message as much as they can so that his plea will be “heard by the right people.”

In the video, Ali reveals that the reason for the ban might be an episode he did with Celestia Vega back in 2015. He describes the episode from 2015 as simply asking Celestia to “showing her mom her Instagram account on a USB.” Celestia was 18 years old and was just days away from “going on 19.” He said that “drama brought up from 2015” got him banned and he was “heartbroken” and “don’t know what to say.”

Following the ban on Thursday, Ali’s channel has received 3 strikes in total. The first ban was in 2016 for harassment allegations and the second ban was in 2018 because of accusations of sexual harassment and physical assault from several parties. Since Twitch has a policy where “any individual or account receiving three strikes (bans) will be banned permanently on the platform,” the return of Ali on Twitch seems unlikely. 

For the time being, Ali plans to take his live streams to YouTube while trying to communicate with Twitch to see if he can undo the ban.

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