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Top 10 Most Viewed Streamers On Twitch: September 2021 Edition


Twitch is undoubtedly the most popular live streaming platform and has become a household name among the young and gaming population. With more than a hundred thousand streamers from around the world streaming regularly on the platform in many different languages, there is always something new happening on the platform that everyone can enjoy. 

September (or Subtember as Twitch likes to call it) is the best month on Twitch for many streamers to gain new subscribers and similarly for users as they can enjoy a site-wide discount of subscription throughout the month. 

But with the September ending now let’s have a look at which streamers were the most-watched and popular among the viewers of the platform. 

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Most Watched Twitch Streamers (September)

Starting off the list, the number 1 position goes to xQc who has managed to remain the top most viewed streamer throughout the year 2021 and again in September retains his position. xQc had more than 15.6M hours viewed.

NameHours ViewedHours StreamedPeak Viewers
1. xQcOW15,642,432 hours270 hours145,551
2. auronplay15,099,776 hours108 hours317,437
3. Gaules14,858,677 hours709 hours130,718
4. Shroud 9,617,697 hours222 hours161,559
5. MontanaBlack88 8,732,862 hours145 hours156,309
6. ibai8,520,087 hours124 hours204,890
7. loud_coringa8,161,061 hours147 hours97,582
8. Fextralife7,962,870 hours252 hours158,719
9. Trainwreckstv7,792,684 hours306 hours48,510
10. 加藤純一です (kato_junichi0817)7,691,648 hours211 hours219,949

Also to no one’s surprise, Auronplay and Gaules also remain in the top 3 most viewed streamers of 2021 abit just changing positions with each other this month.  Auronplay also again had the highest peak viewers record while begin the person who streamed the lowest throughout the month. On the other hand, Gaules streamed for 709 hours, the highest throughout the list. 
All the stats and information are available on Sullygnome.

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