twitch recap 2020
Photo: Twitch

Twitch has taken down WesBtw’s channel for an indefinite period for filling a swimming pool with random food items, though many argue it wasn’t enough of a reason to explain the ban.

Twitch has handed countless streamers with bans over the years, but more often than not, the bans had some reason going for them, but banning someone for the content that directly/indirectly does not violate any community guidelines is something bizarre and unusual even by Twitch’s standard.

Having teased the stream a day before, Wesbtw was scheduled the stream on 5 PM central for 29th January, though the stream turned out to be ideal, the aftermath was far from it. Nothing at this point can be pointed out as the reason behind this ban. As weird as the topic of the stream was, it can’t be a reason to justify the indefinite ban he is facing.

Just when the stream was getting interesting, Twitch took it down and stated the exposure of bodily fluid as the reason behind it. Wes argued that there wasn’t any shown on the stream which makes the ban all the more unreasonable, come to think of it, he’s right, everything inside the pool was a food item which is no way near to being a bodily fluid.

His viewers all well as disagreed with the banned resulting in multiple tweets getting aimed at Twitch support, asking them to revoke the ban that Wes is not entitled to. Whether or not Twitch reviews the ban is entirely up to them so there is a big chance of Wes spending some time away from streaming which should not have been the case.