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Someone allegedly wanted to set Amouranth house on fire


Wherever Amouranth goes, drama follows, which seems to be the case with recent reports suggesting someone tried lighting her house on fire by igniting something next to her house.

After keeping herself out of controversies for weeks, the hot tub streamer is back on the headlines. Amouranth via Twitter revealed that someone set fire in a trash can next to her home which investigators expect to be arson. She added that the cause of the fire is yet to be determined and the whole incident is under investigation by the authorities.

In the tweet, she recalled a similar incident from a year ago where someone launched fire crackers aimed at her house under the disguise of 4th July celebration but was shortly arrested. Besides all that, she hinted at her house becoming a SWAT-prone zone.

She later confirmed that no major damages were incurred and she was completely safe from the fire. Given the rollercoaster of 2021 she was having, this might well be a case of a crazy fan seeking nothing but attention.