shroud csgo

Valorant has developed into the biggest competition for CSGO than any other game in the past decade, and with a promising esports scene, many players are jumping ship. One of the greatest North American CSGO players in Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek says he would choose Valorant over CSGO.

One of the most gifted aimers, Shroud expressed his frustrations over cheaters plaguing CSGO. It is no secret that Matchmaking in CSGO is infested with cheaters, especially in higher ranked games. Though Valorant is not perfect when it comes to cheaters, it rather promises a far safer environment and a concrete anti-cheat that is evolving. The way how Riot handles cheaters, a lot of them are kept at bay.

“Every single time you play CS, you’re trying to casually jump into matchmaking…aimbot, spinbot, f*cking anti f*cking cheat f*cking headshot, wallhacks. They got it all dude, they’re teleporting around and sh*t, it’s f*cking crazy ” said Shroud.

“You jump in, you play, you’re confident, you go whatever, play your game, play your two games, have a good time or have a bad time,” “but at least you know you’re not gonna get f*cking cheated,” he added while defending Valorant.

Several CSGO pros are switching to Valorant for several issues that Valve has overlooked for ages, one of which is cheaters. Valve has continuously failed to deliver an anti-cheat that can keep up with the cheaters and this reason in particular has pushed several players away from the game and the same people made their way into Valorant.

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