Popular Streamer H2P_Gucio Banned From Twitch for Accidentally Showing Chess Invite Containing Nudity

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In what can only be expressed as a rather unfortunate incident, popular Polish streamer H2P_Gucio has received his second ban from Twitch in the span of a week for accidentally showing a chess invite containing a nude avatar during his livestream.

A look at the censored video of the incident from Boop reveals what went down during the livestream.

At the time of the incident, Gucio can be seen focusing on his chess game at chess.com when an unexpected invite pops up below his screen showing nudity.

While the streamer was swift enough to cover it up by adjusting his display, it wasn’t enough to prevent him from receiving a temporary ban from Twitch.

Gucio also posted a Tweet joking about his ban from the streaming platform.

He mentioned that he had messed up and wanted to reevaluate the type of content he streams online, citing examples like streaming from the pool, body painting, or streaming while lying on the bed.

Previously, the streamer had received a Twitch ban on March 12th for a similar reason. He claimed that when he was in the bathroom, he received an invite from a “real girl who put her breasts on her profile.”

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