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Pokimane launches new YouTube channel


Twitch star Imane Anys aka Pokimane has started a now YouTube channel focused on all her non gaming related content namely vlogs and videos of her interests.

Pokimane has been at the helm of the streaming industry for so long and over the years she has occasionally pushed content that lies outside the domain of gaming. For those who have been following Pokimane on her journey to the top knows that she enjoys making videos/vlog besides gaming and her new YouTube channel ‘Imane’ is aimed towards just that.

“I essentially wanted to create this channel just for it to be a place where I could share random non-gaming related things that don’t go on my main channel,” she said.

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“I think it’s pretty clear what the YouTube algorithm prefers, and when being a content creator is your job, admittedly, you do feel some pressure to kind of abide by certain guidelines or post content that you think will perform.

“But I wanted to create a channel where I could just post for the sake of enjoying what I’m posting and sharing things that I love. I think [that] is what content creation ideally should be. So, that’s what I want this channel to be for me.” added Anys.

The first video on the channel is her describing the course of action she has decided for it. The main purpose was to separate her gaming content from everything else. The channel is an instant hit, her first video clocks over 200,00 views with over 70,000 subs with more imminently on the way.

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