Pokimane faces backlash for Depp vs Heard meme

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Depp vs Heard trial has resulted in plethora of memes. Every creator jumped in to get a piece of the pie and so did Pokimane but she came across severe backlash from the community to the point she was forced to delete it.

The Depp and Heard case, captured the attention of the media across the globe where Amber Heard is getting devoured by the media for her acts of injustice against Johnny Depp.

Pokimane like all of us, has been following the developments in the case and has subject it to joke which many people did not like.

The community were disgusted by the idea of someone making a mockery of domestic abuse. Several users criticized her for deleting the post before mentioning that everyone knows she posted it in the first place.

One user stated: “Love mocking a huge domestic abuse case!! This will definitely not signal that I’m a terrible person to come to in case you’re being abused!”

Another user said: “Ah yes let’s make memes and jokes about this case cuz this will definitely not affect anyone in the same situation.”

Pokimane has deleted the Tweet ever since but people will remember this for a long time.

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