Pokimane Explains Why She Chose to Live By Herself Instead of Moving Back to the OfflineTV House

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Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has recently revealed her plans of not moving back to the OfflineTV house and choosing to live alone instead, and the community is certainly surprised by her decision.

“I found an apartment and I signed the lease,” Pokimane said to fellow streamer Mizkif during a livestream.

When Mizkif asked who was Poki gonna live with, she replied that she was gonna live alone.

“You’re insane,” Mizkif said to her. “You’re gonna get so bored so fast.”

“I thought so too… but there’s just too many people in LA,” said Pokimane.

“I have been leaving my room too much. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of going out. I want to stay inside. I want to play Valorant for 12 hours, and I want nobody to bother me.”

Pokimane also confirmed that she signed a six-month lease for the apartment. She further claimed that she’s doing a “six-month test” and if she hated living alone, she’d never do it again.

“The lease is six months. So, I’m doing a six-month test [to see] how I like living alone. And If I hate it, then I’ll never do it again.”

While the chances of her moving back to the OfflineTV house in the near future are slim, the 26-year-old might re-evaluate her decision after six months if Mizkif’s prediction of her getting bored turns out to be true.

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