Mizkif banned Imane “Pokimane” Anys from his Twitch chat during a live stream that yielded a hilarious reaction out of her.

Just when Pokimane was going through Mizkif’s Twitch the “little people” emoticon got her interest to which she wondered if she can have one for herself and her chat. She realized the aforementioned emoticon was limited to his chat upon which Mizkif handed her a ban from the chat to which she made a hilarious face for us to laugh at for ages. Although before mentioning the emoticon, she took her sweet time to feel superior for having a higher message per minute than him.

“I’ve way higher mpm”………aww this little people is so cute can we add him,” she was just done saying this when Mizkif’s chat disappeared leading to a hilarious reaction from her. Pokimane was having her “Just Chatting” session with her fans just when this happened making it funny enough for her fans.

Though one can say that boasting your “mpm” on a less popular streamer would be something we won’t expect but as it seems Pokimane was really satisfied upon feeling superior. Soon his mods were able to unban her, which speaks to fact that Mizkif was having some fun at her expense. He was dissatisfied with the comments she made to which he decided to unban her.

Pokimane is one of the top streamers on Twitch, and someone like her rubbing stats on lesser-known streamers can make her look like a wealthy bully. Incidents like these speak to the mentality of the streamers on the upper echelons of Twitch who should help others grow rather than boasting stats on them, a shoutout or mention benefits lesser-known streamers instead of flexing stats.