Photo: PewDiePie

PewDiePie’s diss track aimed at child poetry channel the Cocomelon has been taken down by YouTube as it violates the community guidelines for child safety.

PewDiePie has found himself at odds with many in the past but was able to successfully come out on top or move forward. This is not the first time he has taken the path of a diss track to squash the beef and yet again he finds himself surrounded by controversy. PewDiePie has put a crosshair on the Cocomelon channel where he takes on the poetry channel along with 6ix9ine.

Earlier on 19th February, the video was nowhere to be found and later YouTube confirmed that the video was indeed taken down as it fails to sit right with two specific policies of the YouTube community guidelines. “This video violated two policies: 1) Child safety: by looking like it was made for kids but containing inappropriate content. 2) Harassment: by inciting harassment @ other creators– we allow criticism but this crossed the line,”.

The community has expressed mixed feelings surrounding this move from YouTube, fans pointed out there were several instances in the past where YouTube let similar content off the hook, while others believe that removing the video was the best decision for everyone.

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